MARQUETTE, Mich., Nov. 13, 2020 — Earlier today, Gov. Whitmer and Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Director Dan Eichinger announced that the state of Michigan would be revoking and terminating the 1953 easement which allowed Enbridge to operate the dual oil and gas Line 5 pipelines through the Straits of Mackinac. State Rep. Sara Cambensy (D-Marquette), a longtime advocate for the jobs and affordable energy costs Upper Peninsula residents enjoy as a result of the safe operation of these pipelines, sharply criticized the move for lacking any viable energy alternatives:

“Since when does Michigan turn its back on an industry that provides regional and bi-national energy security without having a solid plan to replace Line 5? The announcement rolled out from the Governor today lacks long-term planning, financial backing and legislative approval to even begin to make such a monumental shift away from this pipeline.

“The lack of leadership and carelessness from the Governor’s office in not understanding bi-national energy security protections granted in NAFTA, now the USMCA, that disallow any state to act independently to alter or cancel such easements before making a rogue move like this is truly astounding. I see this announcement today as nothing more than a political stunt that causes unnecessary hurt and worry for the residents and working class union men and women who keep our pipelines safe every single day in Northern Michigan.”

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