LANSING, Mich., April 8, 2020 — On April 1, Governor Gretchen Whitmer declared a state of disaster and expanded the state of emergency across the entire state of Michigan. This state of disaster declaration replaces the state of emergency, which was set to expire April 7 due to state law. Through the state of disaster declaration, the Governor requested an extension to the state of emergency and disaster declaration by 70 days. Yesterday, the Legislature passed Senate Concurrent Resolution 24 to only extended the state of emergency and disaster declaration by 23 days. State Representative Sara Cambensy (D-Marquette) had the following to say:

“While I don’t agree with Republican leadership to limit the declaration to 23 days with Covid-19 numbers continuing to climb aggressively, I still support the extension to allow Governor Whitmer to continue making crucial public health decisions. Limiting the Governor’s extension today will potentially require the Legislature to be called back into session in Lansing during the height of the health crisis in Michigan in the coming weeks. This means U.P. legislators will need to go back downstate to urban areas where Covid-19 is prevalent, only to turn around and return home where we may put others at risk. House Democrats had an alternative solution and introduced a resolution to allow controlled, remote voting on emergency measures until the ‘Stay Home. Stay Safe’ order is lifted to avoid traveling. It was not referred to the floor and did not pass.”

The “Stay Home. Stay Safe” order is set to expire on April 13. The Governor has indicated that she will make an announcement sometime this week about the possibility of extending the “Stay Home. Stay Safe” order. It is in the Governor’s role to extend the “Stay Home. Stay Safe” order, and she will make that decision prior to April 13 with the advice and consultation of scientists and medical experts depending on whether or not Covid-19 cases have stabilized.

“These are difficult times, and now is not the time to be divided as elected leaders. We have all made significant adjustments to our lives to make sure we are able to protect ourselves, our families and our neighbors, and this unity needs to remain our focus,” said Representative Cambensy. “There are a lot of questions surrounding these Covid-19 changes and the uncertainty that constituents and business owners have, and my team and I are working hard to get answers to their questions as soon as possible.”

Representative Cambensy encourages those living in the 109th District to contact her office or check her district website and Facebook page often for updates. You can also find updates on the Covid-19 at

“Thank you to everyone who is taking the threat of this virus seriously. Please continue to be kind, respectful and patient with one another as we are all in this together. We will get through this.”

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