LANSING — Today, State Reps. Darrin Camilleri (D-Brownstown Township) and Donna Lasinski (D-Scio Township) introduced bills aimed at keeping jobs and tax dollars in Michigan. Unlike many other states, Michigan does not currently have legislation in place that gives preference to in-state companies and workers in winning bids for state contracts.

Rep. Camilleri’s bill, HB 4252, would increase accountability and transparency regarding the use of taxpayer dollars. The bill would require state departments to share the number of, and wage information for, jobs created under state contracts. This measure would allow the public to view information and determine if contractors are keeping their promises after being awarded state contracts.

“Michigan is home to so many local businesses that employ and empower working families in our own communities,” said Rep. Camilleri. “Whenever possible, we should be making sure state contracts support in-state businesses that uplift Michiganders, create good jobs, and move our economy forward instead of padding out-of-state companies’ bottom lines. By making this information public, we can finally hold contractors accountable to the jobs they promise to create.”

Rep. Lasinski introduced HB 4253, which would allow Michigan companies 30 days to resubmit their bids for a state contract if they initially lose to an out of state company. This would help to ensure that money earned in Michigan stays in our local small business economy and bolsters our communities.

“Now more than ever we should be taking steps to keep good jobs and taxpayer dollars here at home,” said Rep. Lasinski. “The financial well-being of Michigan’s hardworking families is a top priority of ours. By providing our companies with a second opportunity to compete for state contracts, we are giving them a competitive edge and making it far more likely that those jobs stay in our communities.”