LANSING — State Rep. Darrin Camilleri (D-Brownstown Township) introduced House Resolution 152 to declare Sept. 21, 2017, as Maltese-American Heritage Day in Michigan. Camilleri hosted a group of about 50 Maltese-Americans at the Capitol to see the resolution pass during Wednesday’s session.

“The Metro Detroit area has the largest concentration of Maltese-Americans in the United States, with nearly 13,000 Michiganders claiming Maltese descent,” said Camilleri, whose father emigrated from Malta. “Maltese-Americans have enhanced our culture, quality of life and economic vitality through their leadership, commitment to work and study, and dedication to their communities.”

The island nation of Malta gained its independence on Sept. 21, 1964. Camilleri is the first Maltese-American state representative in Michigan. In addition to his resolution, Camilleri presented special tributes to the Maltese American Community Club of Dearborn and the Maltese American Benevolent Society of Detroit.

“These organizations have been committed to the advancement of Maltese culture and Maltese-American people for generations,” Camilleri said. “We come together today to celebrate these contributions, and the contributions of Maltese-Americans from across Michigan.”