Dear Neighbors,

It is an honor to continue serving as your representative. Thank you for the opportunity to share highlights of Lansing and District 28 happenings. I am eager to continue to work to enact policies that will help us defeat COVID-19, rebuild our economy and deliver the necessary support for our public schools to provide a world-class education to every child.

If you find you need additional assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me and my staff. You can visit my website at for many more resources, events and recent efforts in Lansing. Please do not hesitate to reach out to my office by phone at (517) 373-1772 or email at for questions about this or any other state-level issue.


Lori Stone
State Representative, 28th House District

In this issue:
● Upcoming Community Conversations
● House Passes Fiscal Year ’22 and Supplemental Budgets
● Congratulations Message to All 2021 Graduates
● 2019-2020 MLCV Conservation Champion

Community Conversation

As your state legislator, I cherish your input and ideas on how to make our community and our state better. That’s why I am looking forward to my community conversations coming up. Feel free to share this information with anyone in the 28th District that may be interested in attending.

  • Saturday, June 26, at 11 a.m. at Wiegand Park, 8700 Toepfer Road in Warren

  • Saturday, July 24 at 11 a.m. You can join Zoom by clicking here.

You can also find more information and a link to join on my Facebook Page.

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House Passes Fiscal Year ’22 and Supplemental Budgets

Last month, the House passed 16 departmental budgets for the 2022 fiscal year and a series of supplemental budget bills to allocate billions of dollars in federal COVID-19 relief funding. Unfortunately, this irresponsible budget proposal reads more like a partisan agenda than providing the support and relief that Michiganders need now. It includes 75% funding cuts for many state departments, focuses on unnecessarily paying off bonds early instead of investing in transformational projects and ties many vital programs to removing gubernatorial authority.

House Democrats proposed nearly 50 amendments to right the many wrongs in this proposal, almost all of which were rejected. The budget bills went on to pass largely along party lines. In the wake of the worst crisis we’ve seen in our lifetimes, now is the time to invest in our people, economy and infrastructure, but the budgets that passed last week fail to deliver.

Congratulations to All 2021 Graduates

Congratulations to all 2021 graduates from the 28th District! Take pride in this moment as you and your family celebrate this achievement and begin the next chapter of your life. As you reflect on your school days and consider a future of purpose and success, I wanted to offer you some advice on achieving the potential your graduation shows you to possess.

Rarely in life does anything worth doing come easily. Fulfilling one’s purpose means always looking for opportunities to broaden one’s horizons and seeking out new challenges. Personally, I have found that I have grown the most through opportunities that have put me outside of my comfort zone — whether that be traveling to new places or meeting people whose ideas challenge my own. Formative experiences like these and a commitment to hard work are what will help build you into the type of young leader that our community and state will rely on in the future.

As you begin the next stage of your life, I hope you will cherish the values and sense of community that you have developed. When facing challenges in the future, those foundations will provide you guidance and strength through difficult decisions or tough times. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns as you move into this new phase of your life or about any issue I might be able to assist you with in the future. I look forward to hearing about your continued success and wish you the best of luck wherever life takes you.

Stone MLCV Score Card.png

2019-2020 MLCV Conservation Champion

I am incredibly excited to announce the Michigan League of Conservation Voters’ 2019-2020 scorecard to highlight my work for the environment over the past two years. I received a 100% on the 2019-2020 scorecard. I am honored and thankful to be a conservation champion!

Receiving a 100% is a major accomplishment, and I am committed to continuing the fight to keep our air, water and land safe and clear for both our present and future enjoyment.

Education Workforce Virtual Job Fairs

The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) is pleased to announce additional dates for its 2021 Education Workforce Virtual Job Fairs, presented in cooperation with the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity (LEO).

The 2021 virtual job fairs are open to employers of educators and educational support staff, as well as all individuals seeking to work in the education field. Increasing the numbers of certified teachers in areas of shortage is one of the goals of Michigan’s Top 10 Strategic Education Plan. Dates in June and August have been added to the schedule.

The education workforce virtual job fairs will take place on the following dates: June 17, Aug. 4, and Aug. 5, 2021. Registration for the June fairs is now open.

To register and find more information, job seekers and employers can visit: