Dear Neighbor,

Here is some information that I hope you will find helpful, including some updates and news from your state government.

Reproductive Health Act Guarantees Access to Safe, Legal Abortion Care

Last week, the Progressive Women’s Caucus introduced the Reproductive Health Act (RHA), which would ensure that access to abortion remains safe and legal in Michigan. This package repeals and amends outdated and unconstitutional prohibitions on reproductive health care, removes barriers to access and guarantees that reproductive health care decisions are made by individuals rather than the state.

Specifically, the bills in the package would:

  • Create the Reproductive Health Act (HB 5542).
  • Amend the Public Health Code to reflect the changes made by the RHA (HB 5543).
  • Amend our state’s sentencing guidelines to reflect the changes made by the RHA (HB 5544).
  • Amend the Born Alive Infant Protection Act to reflect the changes made by the RHA (HB 5545).
  • Amend our state’s Corrections Code to reflect the changes made by the RHA (HB 5546).
  • Amend the Revised Judicature Act to reflect the changes made by the RHA (HB 5547).
  • Amend the School Aid Act to reflect the changes made by the RHA (HB 5548).

I was proud to co-sponsor all seven bills in this package. The Progressive Women’s Caucus held a press conference last week in support of the package. You can view the event here.

Eligibility Criteria Expanded for Free and Low-Cost Child Care

Free or low-cost child care will be available to 105,000 additional children under the new income eligibility criteria announced yesterday. Michigan families of four earning up to $49,000 yearly will be eligible for free or low-cost child care under the expanded criteria. Family contributions toward state child care are waived until Sept. 30, 2022. Apply at

Medicare Enrollment Period Open Through Dec. 7

The Medicare open enrollment period began Oct. 15 and goes through Dec. 7. During this period, you can shop for your Medicare 2022 Prescription Drug Plan or make changes to current Medicare coverage. Coverage for newly selected plans begins Jan. 1, 2022. Even if you are happy with your current plan, it is recommended to take the time to compare and make sure you are receiving the best possible coverage.

The Michigan Medicare/Medicaid Assistance Program (MMAP) offers Medicare beneficiaries and their families assistance with understanding the eligibility process, enrollment, coverage, medical bills, Medicare supplementals and long-term care insurance. To get connected with a MMAP Counselor near you, call (800) 803-7174 or go to and click on “Get Started.”

Please don’t hesitate to contact my office at (517) 373-0587 or if we can help.


Kara Hope

State Representative