Looks like we finally have some warmer weather ahead! In this newsletter, I will be providing a budget update and talking about securing reproductive rights. I hope to see you around the district sometime soon!



Budget Update

This week, the House passed several budgets; I voted no on all of them. While they did include some good elements, they still left much to be desired. In particular, I was disgusted with a section of boilerplate included in the School Aid budget that targets trans children trying to live authentically at school. I proposed an amendment to strike this section out, but my amendment was not adopted.

Reproductive Rights in the Michigan House of Representatives

I, like many of you, was outraged with the leaked SCOTUS draft opinion that, if enacted, would eliminate a woman’s right to essential health care. Currently, since this was only a draft opinion, the right to choose still exists in Michigan. Michigan’s law from 1931 on reproductive rights is not in effect and would not be in effect until the formal opinion is issued from the Supreme Court.

I will continue to fight for a woman’s right to choose, and I encourage you to join me. There is a ballot initiative sponsored by Reproductive Freedom for All that would amend our constitution to ensure that critical health care decisions are protected in Michigan. Petitions are now circulating across the state.

My colleagues and I have also introduced the Reproductive Health Act in the House, which would repeal the 1931 law and expand reproductive rights in Michigan. I am a proud co-sponsor of HBs 5542 and 5548 and will continue fighting for the passage of these bills.