Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Good afternoon, District 9! What a week! As the summer grows ever nearer, things are ramping up in the Michigan House, and I look forward to continuing to keep you updated on everything going on in Lansing. As always, I want to remind you that should you ever need anything from my office, you can always reach out at (517) 373-6990 or email me at, and my staff and I will be happy to assist you. In the meantime, have a great week!

Wednesday, May 18 and Thursday, May 19

The Michigan State Budget Process Continues

Two weeks ago, the House voted on the first round of budget bills, and last week, the process continued, as we received the Senate’s version of the bills, and they received ours. As the budget process moves forward, the bills will head to conference committees composed of members of both chambers, where any differences in the proposed budgets will be rectified in time for us to pass our state’s budget for fiscal year 2023 by July 1.

Securing $2.7 Billion in Tax Breaks for Michiganders

Meanwhile, I was glad to vote ‘yes’ on a plan to deliver $2.7 billion in tax cuts for Michigan citizens. House Bill 4568includes proposals to reduce taxes on a variety of fronts. HB 4568 would lower the individual income tax rate, increase personal exemptions, create a new $500 nonrefundable tax credit for qualified dependents, increase the Earned Income Tax Credit from 6% to 20% and lower the retirement tax by increasing deductions for seniors. Once passed, HB 4568 will also work with SB 784 to replace the property tax exemption with an income tax credit for certain disabled veterans and expand the eligibility criteria to ensure more disabled veterans receive it.

This bill provides much needed relief to families and individuals in District 9 and throughout the state of Michigan, and I’m proud to have voted ‘yes.’

Improving Nursing Home Conditions for Residents and Workers

Finally, I was glad to support HB 5609, which would revise several provisions related to the evaluation and surveying of nursing homes to improve Michigan’s regulatory process. Making these revisions would help ensure that nursing home providers are evaluated and regulated in a fair, accurate, and timely manner, bringing Michigan more in line with other states. This updated process will result in improved conditions for nursing home workers and residents alike, and I’m proud to have voted ‘yes.’

Other bills passed by the Michigan House of Representatives this week include:

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