Dear Neighbor,

Welcome to my e-newsletter! I’m honored and humbled to serve as our community’s voice at the Capitol in Lansing. As we continue into the term, rest assured that the challenges families in our community and state are facing are at the top of my legislative priorities.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to my office by phone at (517) 373-0152 or email at if we can help.


Amos O’Neal

State Representative, 95th House District

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  • Legislation
    • Appropriations Committee

Appropriations Committee 

This week, we finally went to Lansing to attend the Appropriations Committee, but the session still saw no votes due to the Republican-set agenda. They have not scheduled a session day for over seven weeks now, and we anticipate more of the same in the fall as well. This is why, in Lansing, we held a press conference to try and highlight the crucial work that is not being done.

Some of the issues being ignored include addressing inflation relief, protecting women’s rights, preparing students for the upcoming school year, and more.

One of the bills that my colleagues offered in the Appropriations Committee was House Bill 6346, the MI Tax Rebate Right Now plan to send every household a $500 check. I even offered an amendment for this bill to help provide $500 Michigan rebate checks for families. Some of the other bills will cut taxes by expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit, repealing the retirement tax and repealing the 1931 abortion ban.

The bills highlighted by the Democratic caucus are House Bills 63566117493351766279554252894314.