Hello Friend!

If we have not already met, my name is Carrie Rheingans, and I am the state representative for the 47th House District. My team and I have been hard at work for the residents of our district, and we are always here to be a resource for you. Below you will find a map of our new district — you can find an interactive district map through this link.

My team can assist with issues pertaining to state of Michigan agencies — such as the Unemployment Insurance Agency, the Secretary of State or the Department of Health and Human Services. You can contact my team through email at CarrieRheingans@house.mi.gov or through phone at (517) 373-8835. Please reach out if we may be of assistance.

In Service,

Carrie Rheingans

State Representative

District 47

Appointment to Committees


I am thrilled to have been appointed to the following committees by Speaker of the House Joe Tate:

Clicking on the committee names will take you to the official committee website. I am always interested in hearing your ideas and opinions on how I can help Michigan’s government better serve you. Stay up-to-date on committee activities by signing up for email notifications from the Michigan Legislature through this link.

First Committee Meeting

On Thursday, Feb. 2, I attended my first Health Policy Committee hearing. At this meeting, we heard presentations from important organizations such as the Michigan Association for Local Public Health, the Michigan Primary Care Association, and the Michigan Health and Hospital Association. I look forward to doing great work with my colleagues on this committee.

Working Hard in the Legislature


My colleagues and I are dedicated to fighting for the priorities that matter to you. I am a co-sponsor on the main planks of our agenda.

  • HB 4001: Retirement tax repeal.
  • HB 4002: Working families tax credit expansion to 30% of federal level.
  • HB 4003: Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act expansion.
  • HB 4004 and 4005: Right-to-work repeal.
  • HB 4006: 1931 abortion ban repeal.
  • HB 4007: Reinstate prevailing wage.

These bills will increase union membership, protect sexual orientation and gender identity from discrimination, decriminalize women’s health care decisions, and put more money in the pockets of retirees and working families. Collectively, the legislation represents a new day in the Michigan Legislature, and as the mother of a young daughter, I am looking forward to doing everything in my power to ensure that my colleagues and I hand down a cleaner and safer state to the next generation of Michigan’s leaders.

First Bills Signed into Law

Gov. Whitmer signed the first bill of the 102nd Legislature into law on Tuesday, Jan. 31 — the earliest such signing in over 70 years. The governor signed state Sen. Sarah Anthony’s Senate Bill 7, which appropriated over $1 billion dollars to various agencies, and included funds for affordable housing and for emergency water shutoff prevention programs. You can read the full factsheet of SB 7 through this link.

With a budget surplus which includes federal money given to Michigan during the pandemic in addition to state tax revenue, my colleagues and I are dedicated to finding creative ways to fund our communities and ensure that every Michigander is uplifted by the work we do in the Legislature.


First Floor Speech

I had the privilege of giving my first floor speech as a state representative on Tuesday. I spoke in favor of state Sen. Jeremy Moss’s Senate Bill 13, which would move Michigan’s presidential primary date up to Feb. 27. This bill passed the House of Representatives the same day, and Gov. Whitmer signed it into law on Thursday. You can view my speech here.

Moving Michigan’s presidential primary to earlier in the year would give Michigan voters a better chance to have our interests reflected on the national stage. As an important, diverse state with just over 10 million residents, our state deserves to have a larger presence in the presidential campaign.

First Coffee Hour

I am excited to host my first official constituent coffee hour on Friday, Feb. 10, at the Roaming Goat Café, located at 155 S. Lake St. in Grass Lake. This is a great opportunity to bring your ideas directly to me and my team. We look forward to seeing you there.

We will continue to update subscribers of our email list of our constituent contact meetings, but for more information, please consider following my official social media pages by clicking on the links below.

My team and I look forward to serving you. Please be in touch if you have any questions, comments or concerns you would like to share.