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21st House District

In this issue:

  • Save the Date: Coffee Hour on Aug. 25
  • Legislative Updates:
    • House Passes Bills Ending Child Marriage
    • Governor Signs Sexual Assault Legislation
    • Legislation on Fertility Fraud
    • Update on Xylazine Legislation
  • Other News
    • Attorney General Warns About Deceptive Sales Representatives
  • State Updates & Resources
    • MDHHS Medicaid Redeterminations
    • Helpful Resources

Upcoming Events

Save the Date: Coffee Hour on Aug. 25

Please mark your calendars for Friday, Aug. 25, from 11 a.m. to noon for my next “Capitol Conversations” coffee hour at Novi Coffee and Tea in Novi. I’ll provide an update on legislation that’s being worked on in Lansing, and you should come with questions and bring any concerns that you may have.

Rep. Kelly Breen meets with constituents at her coffee hours.

Legislative Updates

As your state representative, I have had the honor of helping move bills that protect children from child marriage, protect sexual assault survivors, protect against fertility fraud in assisted reproduction, and help curtail the Xylazine epidemic.

Rep. Breen works on her constituents' behalf in Lansing.

House Passes Bills Ending Child Marriage

On June 21, my colleagues and I passed legislation that prohibits the marriage of minors under Michigan law. House Bills 4293 to 4302 set the legal age of marriage to 18 years old regardless of circumstance. These bills also remove the ability for minors to become married with written consent from one individual parent or legal guardian. Additionally, they would also eliminate marriage as an automatic factor for emancipation. This bill package was a strong collaborative effort by both parties to protect the minors that are involved within these marriages.

Governor Signs Bills to Protect Survivors and Encourage Reporting of Sexual Abuse

On June 29, the Governor signed House Bills 4120 to 4125 that will protect survivors and encourage reporting sexual abuse. This legislation would ensure that any engagement in sexual contact under the pretense of medical treatment would result in the permanent revocation of a practitioner’s medical license. This would also extend to prohibiting any individual from using their professional authority over another person to prevent that other person from reporting crimes of abuse. Additionally, these bills prevent a public school from punishing a student for behavior that derives from experiencing sexual assault. These bills were a result of a number of cases, including those involving former Michigan State University sports doctor Larry Nassar, who was convicted of abusing hundreds of athletes under the guise of medical care. It is my sincerest hope that these bills can help and protect survivors of sexual assault.

Legislation on Fertility Fraud

Currently sitting in the House Judiciary Committee is legislation that addresses fraud in cases of assisted reproduction procedures. House Bills 4178 to 4182 would make it a felony for a medical professional to knowingly provide false or misleading information regarding assisted reproduction procedures. Such false information includes the identity of the donor and the medical history of the donor and their family. This legislation would also make it a felony for a health professional to provide a human embryo or gamete that the patient did not expressly consent to in writing. Every single person who participates in reproductive assistance procedures should be fully aware and provided with completely accurate information regarding the process.

Update on Xylazine Legislation

Introduced to the Judiciary Committee on July 18 is House Bill 4913, which lists Xylazine as a schedule 2 drug. Oakland County Sheriff Dave Bouchard and others in law enforcement are pleading for help to curtail this epidemic. It is my goal that this legislation would not only ensure that bad actors are penalized, but that those who struggle with addiction are given help.

Other News

Attorney General Warns About Deceptive Door-to-Door Sales Representatives

There have been reports about deceptive sales representatives disguising themselves under the pretense of an ADT contractor. Their goal is to get the homeowner to sign up for a new service.

The Attorney General recommends homeowners to ask for identification, read all terms and documents provided, and to stay cautious.

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State Updates & Resources