Dear Neighbor,

As the weather gets colder and we head into the holiday season, I’ve been busy in Lansing working hard on our legislative priorities. Below are some of my office’s highlights from the past month.

First Bill to Protect Access to Health Care Signed into Law 

On Oct. 18, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed my bill, House Bill 4622, into law. This bill prohibits insurance providers from placing caps on annual or lifetime insurance benefits, and is part of the larger Michigan Affordable Care Act codification package. I’m proud to say that the passing of this bill will help ensure that Michiganders get the health care that they deserve, giving power back to the people that was previously held by insurance providers.

Right to Repair Bill Passed Through Agriculture Committee

In May of this year, I introduced HB 4673 into the House Agriculture Committee, where I sit as chairwoman. This bill gives farmers the right to repair their own farm equipment. I’m proud to say that we passed this bill through the committee in October, and I look forward to the next steps in this process.

As it currently stands, farmers must have their equipment repaired and serviced by an authorized dealer or technician. My bill bans equipment manufacturers from restricting farm equipment maintenance to authorized service providers, and will require manufacturers to provide access to all necessary tools, computer codes and related service information. This will enable independent repair shops to properly and efficiently make repairs. If enacted, this legislation would save farmers critical time and money when their equipment needs service.

Hosted the First 4-H Day at the State Capitol

On Oct. 4, I hosted the first ever 4-H Day at the state Capitol in Lansing with MSU Extension and my Republican colleague, state Rep. Matthew Beirlein. We were joined by 4-H members from all over the state! This event was the first of its kind at our Capitol, and it comes after Rep. Beirlein and I introduced HBs 5056 and HB 5058, bills that would help raise funds for 4-H youth. If passed, our legislation would create a Michigan 4-H license plate that would be sold through the Secretary of State, with regular disbursement from sales going directly to the nonprofit Michigan 4-H Foundation.

Wrapped Up Summer and Fall Community Outreach Program

After a long summer and fall of knocking on doors and having conversations with our constituents, my office has officially wrapped up its 2023 community outreach program. Since starting in June, we have been able to connect with over 7,000 residents in our district! This effort was so we could hear directly from you about the issues that are important to Michigan.

Helped Introduce the Patient-Led Care Act

On Oct. 5, I hosted a press conference with my colleagues state Reps. Carrie Rheingans, Donavan McKinney and Curt VanderWall to announce the Patient-Led Care Act. House Bills 5114-17 would increase Michiganders’ access to physical and mental health care services. My bill in this package, HB 5116, would amend the title “physician assistant” to “physician associate,” in order to bring a better understanding to patients about their PA’s skillset and training level.


State Representative Reggie Miller

Michigan’s 31st District