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I hope this e-newsletter finds you well. I take great pride in representing you in Lansing, and it is an honor to give back to our community in public service. Ultimately, what matters is the results I deliver to you.

Legislative Updates for Our Community

Car Seat Safety: Passed into Law

My car seat safety legislation was recently signed into law. This marks a huge step forward for the safety of our youngest Michiganders. By aligning Michigan’s childr safety seat standards with federal guidelines, we ensure that parents and caregivers have consistent information about which seat is right for their child. I am proud to have played a part in this important achievement. Together, we are making Michigan a safer place for families and growing Michiganders.

Protecting Athletes from Heart Failure: Passed the House

House Bills 5527 and 5528, which aim to prevent deaths due to sudden cardiac arrest in schools, passed the Michigan House of Representatives. The bill package, introduced by myself and my colleague state Rep. Tyrone Carter (D-Detroit) would improve school safety by requiring schools to develop cardiac emergency response plans, and offer both training on and access to automated external defibrillators (AEDs), which are used to assist in the response to cardiac emergencies. The passage of this legislation in the House is a necessary and meaningful step forward in helping to save the lives of students, athletes, parents and school event attendees.

Investing in Kent County Tourism Industry: Passed into Law

Another bill of mine recently signed into law was House Bill 5048. This legislation will allow local governments in Kent County to accelerate their local economies and tourism by reinvesting potential hotel taxes into recreational facilities. The passage of this bill marks a significant step forward for Kent County, as it provides local governments with the tools they need to enhance the quality of life for their current residents, attract new residents and stimulate small businesses through the promotion of tourism.

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John Fitzgerald
State Representative
District 83