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I hope everyone has been enjoying the seasonal mix of sunshine and rain. I’ve been busy working in Lansing during this year’s budget season. Below are a few updates and highlights from the past month.

Introduced a Resolution to Increase Funding for Double Up Food Bucks

On April 30, I spoke during session in support of my House Concurrent Resolution 14, calling on the federal government to increase funding for Michigan’s Double Up Food Bucks (DUFB) program. DUFB supported over 211,000 Michigan households and 782 Michigan farms in 2023 by providing a dollar-to-dollar match (up to $20/day) at participating grocery stores and farmers markets for purchasing fresh fruits and vegetables with a Bridge Card. In addition, I have asked for funding in the budget for a $1 million increase in state funding for this program.

DUFB has proven to be an essential resource for many families to eat nutritional meals while also supporting our local farmers. An increase in funding would allow this widely successful program to expand into more stores and markets to benefit more families and farmers. I’m pleased that my resolution was adopted by the Michigan House. More information about this great program can be found here.

Attended Agriculture Awareness Day at the Monroe County Fairgrounds

On April 26, I participated in a fantastic tour at the Monroe County Fairgrounds for the 2024 Agriculture Awareness Day. The event was held jointly by MSU Extension and Monroe County Farm Bureau and featured a variety of learning stations staffed with local partners showcasing topics including animals, honey bees, trees, hatching eggs, farm machinery and safety. I was joined in this event by hundreds of Monroe County elementary school students and teachers. Thank you to all who hosted, presented and participated!

My Office Attended the Wayne County Women’s Commission Resource Fair

The Wayne County Women’s Commission held its second annual Women’s Resource Fair on Wednesday, April 24. This was a wonderful event that offered a variety of valuable services to women in Wayne County. Some services and resources provided included mental health and wellness services, medical checkups, employment hiring opportunities, skilled trades programs and educational support by Wayne County Community College District. I have supported this annual event for the last two years. Thank you to everyone who worked hard in making this event possible!

MDARD Update on Avian Flu

On May 1, Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) Director Dr. Tim Boring signed a Determination of Extraordinary Emergency, “HPAI Risk Reduction Response Order” to protect Michigan’s poultry and livestock industries from highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI). This order will go into effect on May 8, and applies to all of Michigan’s dairy and commercial poultry facilities. The emergency order requires the following measures to be taken:

  • All Michigan dairy farms, as well as poultry operations considered commercial by the U.S. Department of Agriculture Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) must develop and implement biosecurity practices that include:
    • Designation of a biosecurity manager.
    • Designation of a line of separation to represent the perimeter of a secure area, limiting access points.
    • Establishment of cleaning and disinfection practices and procedures at those access points for both vehicles and individuals. This must include deliveries of feed and other supplies and training for employees.
    • Establishment of a logbook maintaining a record of all vehicles and of individuals who have gotten out of vehicles and crossed those access points, to be retained and made available for examination upon request by MDARD.
    • All lactating dairy cattle, and those in the last two months of pregnancy, are prohibited from being exhibited until there are no new cases of HPAI in dairy cattle in the state of Michigan for at least 60 consecutive days. No dairy cattle of any age from an infected premises may be exhibited until further notice.
    • All exhibitions or expositions of poultry are prohibited until such time that there are no new cases of HPAI in domestic poultry in the state of Michigan for at least 30 consecutive days. As defined in the Animal Industry Act, “poultry” means, but is not limited to, chickens, guinea fowl, turkeys, waterfowl, pigeons, doves, peafowl and game birds that are propagated and maintained under the husbandry of humans (MCL 287.703(iii)).

More information about MDARD’s emergency response order can be found here, and updates from the FDA can be found here.

New Connected and Automated Vehicle Corridor on I-94

Some of you may have noticed a new lane corridor on I-94. The Michigan Department of Transportation has partnered with Cavnue, a company focused on designing and building connected and autonomous (CAV) vehicle roadways. The I-94 corridor is the country’s first CAV corridor, with the goal of preparing Southeast Michigan for future connected and autonomous vehicle technology and mobility.

The I-94 project will include roadside technology that supports personal, public transit and freight CAV vehicles, in an effort to move people and goods efficiently and safely through the region. While this is not a charging lane, the corridor will support connected vehicles, including privately owned consumer-purchased vehicles that are currently on the road and that will continue to be developed and manufactured. The project will roll out in phases, ultimately connecting the corridor on I-94 from M-10 in Detroit to Ann-Arbor Saline Road in Ann Arbor. More information about the project can be found below:

I-94 Connected and Automated Vehicle Pilot Project (

I-94 Connected & Automated Vehicle (CAV) Corridor Proposed Project FAQ (

I-94 Connected and Automated Vehicle Corridor (

Michigan Project – Cavnue

How Connected Vehicles Work | US Department of Transportation

Upcoming Events with Rep. Miller

Elder Abuse Town Hall with Special Guest Attorney General Dana Nessel — Monday, May 13, 3-4:30p.m.

  • Dundee Area Senior Citizen Center, 284 W. Monroe St., Dundee, MI 48131
  • Joint event with Rep. Miller and Attorney General Nessel

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