Dear Neighbor,

Happy Black History Month! I am honored to serve as the state representative for the 53rd House District and proud to be a strong advocate in Lansing for our community. Please encourage your friends and family to stay connected and subscribe to this e-newsletter. The e-news keeps everyone up-to-date on legislation and policies coming from the Capitol, coffee hours and other virtual and in-person community events.

In service,

State Rep. Brenda Carter, 53rd House District

In this Issue:

  • Upcoming Events
  • Black History Month
  • Repealing Michigan’s Emergency Manager Law
  • CarNav Group Black History Month Event

Upcoming Events 

  • Goldner Walsh Coffee Hour
  • Waterford Senior Center Coffee Hour
  • Tax Town Hall
    • Friday, March 24, 2-3:30 p.m.
    • Ruth Peterson Center 990 Joslyn Avenue in Pontiac
    • Facebook Event Link

Honoring Black History Month 

This Black History Month, I wanted to take a moment to highlight the prevalence of gun violence in our community. While all communities are impacted by guns, this type of violence is particularly prevalent in Black and Brown communities. It is my mission in Lansing to put an end to senseless gun violence. That is why I support the passage of universal background checks, safe storage and extreme risk protection orders. I will not stop until every person in this country can live a life free from gun violence.

Repealing Michigan’s Emergency Manager Law

This month, I introduced House Bill 4065 to repeal Michigan’s discriminatory emergency manager law. Coming from the Pontiac School Board, I know the damage to communities emergency managers cause. These unelected individuals come into communities they may know nothing about and completely supersede the locally elected officials. This practice had a disastrous impact on low-income communities and communities of color, such as Pontiac.

Pontiac and Flint have seen the benefit of eliminating emergency managers, passing resolutions in support. Other communities around the state are also considering passing resolutions in support of this bill. If you know of a local government or organization that would like to support my bill, please have them reach out to my office.

CarNav Group Black History Month Event 

I was happy to join my friends Carlton Jones and Pastor Douglas Jones as a speaker at the CarNav Group’s Black History Month Event. Thank you CarNav for helping me honor a wonderful group of people for their efforts to advance our community!

B. Carter Black History month