In the March Edition:

  • Coffee Hours
  • Meet the Team
  • Legislative Update
  • Events & Celebrations
  • District Resources

Upcoming Coffee Hours

Coffee hours are typically held on the fourth Saturday of each month. Locations vary, so please make sure to read our e-newsletters to stay up to date.

  • March 25 at 11 a.m.
    • Ypsilanti District Library — Main Branch, 229 W. Michigan Ave. in Ypsilanti
    • Please complete this form to attend in person or via Zoom link
  • DATE CHANGE: April 29 at 11 a.m.
    • Ypsilanti District Library – Superior Branch, 1900 N. Harris Road in Ypsilanti
    • Please complete this form to attend in person or via Zoom link

Meet the Team

The first 60 days of the 102nd Legislature have been a flurry filled with hundreds of meetings, thousands of emails, legislation development, constituent case management, district tours and more. Your District 32 House Staff includes a Legislative Aide and Constituency Aide. All of us are Ypsilantians, and we are proud to be here to serve our community every day.

Constituent Services:

Rebecca Mackey assists with resolution of issues related to state governmental agencies and advises on potential resources for various emergency needs, known as casework. If you require this sort of assistance, please email with “CASEWORK” in the subject line, and be sure to include as many details as possible, along with your full contact information. We strive to respond to all casework within 24 hours.

She also receives, logs and tracks your feedback on legislative measures important to you. We receive hundreds of emails daily, which causes a delay in response. Know that we hear you and will respond as quickly as we can. We always appreciate your feedback regarding issues that are most important to you.

Mackey also maintains Rep. Wilson’s daily schedule. If you seek a meeting with the Rep., please email the inbox noted above with “SCHEDULE” in the subject line, along with your full contact information, reason for meeting, planned attendees, and virtual or in-person preference.

Finally, she manages our newsletter and website, coffee hour scheduling, and phone call intake. She also receives guests who visit our office. If you prefer to call our office to request casework, schedule an appointment or leave your feedback on a particular issue, please call our office at (517) 373-8931. If you leave a voicemail, please leave your name, phone number, residential address and reason for calling.

Legislative Services:

Leaha Skylar Dotson manages policy development, legislative research and development, committee engagement, social media and certain out of office in-district events. Leaha is always accessible and engages with our community in these processes. She can be reached via email at or by calling (517) 373-8931.

Our policy and legislative research and development aims to center our district’s voices and needs within the bigger picture of Michigan’s needs. Stakeholder conversations and meetings, with all relevant parties, allows for stronger solutions to be created. If you have a legislative proposal — often called a “BILL IDEA” — Leaha wants to hear from you! Please include your full contact information, the topic of your proposed legislation, the outcome you are seeking and any other pertinent details that would aid in developing a proposal that you believe would meet your needs, as well as the needs of the state of Michigan.

Committee engagement work focuses on ensuring that we bring the voice and priorities of our district into the committee hearings. Rep. Wilson is on the following committees:

Appropriations: Judiciary, Military Veterans Affairs and State Police, Joint Capital Outlay, and School Aid and Department of Education

Policy: Regulatory Reform

Leaha keeps stakeholders informed as our legislation makes its way through committee hearings, often asking supporters to come testify at committee hearings. This is a great opportunity for our community members to go on record fighting for the issues most important to them.

Leaha also works to keep our social media accounts filled with what we are doing in Lansing and around the district, as well as providing resources and legislative updates. Be sure to follow Rep. Wilson on Facebook and Twitter for all updates.

Legislative Update

Developing Legislation

  • DTE Accountability and Transparency
  • Criminal Justice Reform
  • Auto No-Fault Reform

Status of Sponsored Bills

  • HB 4161: Removes life sentences for minors
    • March 2, Introduced by Rep. Wilson. Referred to the Committee on Criminal Justice.
  • HB 4230: Automatic Payroll Deductions for Separate Segregated Committees
    • March 9, Introduced by Rep. Wilson. Referred to the Committee on Labor.

Status of Co-Sponsored Bills

  • Working Families Tax Credit (HB 4002) & Pension Tax Reduction (HB 4001) were packaged together into HB 4001. This bill was signed into law by Gov. Whitmer on March 7.
  • 1931 Abortion Ban Repeal (HB 4006) passed through the House and Senate on March 8; awaiting Gov. Whitmer’s signature.
  • Universal Background Checks (HB 4138HB 4142HB 4143) passed through the House on March 8.
  • Elliott-Larsen Anti-Discrimination (HB 4003) passed the House with strong bipartisan support on March 8; sent to the Senate.
  • Right to Work Repeal (HB 4004) passed the House on March 8; sent to the Senate.
  • Prevailing Wage (HB 4007) passed the House on March 8; sent to the Senate.
  • The Fair Scheduling Act (HB 4035) – introduced on Jan. 19; referred to the House Labor Committee.
  • Temporary Workers’ Bill of Rights (HB 4034) – introduced on Jan. 19; referred to the House Labor Committee.

Recognition & Events

It was Rep. Wilson’s great pleasure to recognize the accomplishments of Dr. Willis C. Patterson during Black History Month. Dr. Patterson is a veteran, teacher, composer of African American music, Civil Rights activist and humanitarian who has served the Washtenaw County community throughout his life. Rep. Wilson attended a musical performance at Eastern Michigan University, where he presented Dr. Patterson with a tribute signed by the entire Washtenaw County Delegation, as well as the governor and lieutenant governor.

Rep. Wilson and Dr. Willis C. Patterson

Rep. Wilson and Dr. Patterson

Rep. Wilson also paid tribute to Kyle Young and Lauren Rose, both from Ypsilanti Township, for their graduation with their bachelor degrees from Grand Valley State University. (Please contact us if you’d like to recognize a birthday, anniversary, graduation, new business or other special occasion for our community members.)

In addition, Rep. Wilson was pleased to attend the UAW Region 1A Regional Advisory Council on Civil and Human Rights event on March 4.

We pay tribute to Women’s History Month and all the contributions of women to history, culture and society. From Ypsilanti’s pioneering women in local mills during the early industrial age to our Rosie the Riveters, and through today’s majority of women on the Michigan Supreme Court and in the top three positions of our state government. We thank you and honor you for your strength, your leadership and your dedication to our community.

District Resources

  • United Way: Dial 2-1-1 (Provides services related to senior crisis intervention, networking services to aid with maintaining independence and social integration programs)
  • Habitat for Humanity: (734) 677-1558 (Home Ownership Program & Home Improvement Assistance)
  • Barrier Busters (Group matches people with entities that can help fulfill unmet needs)
  • Washtenaw County Warming Centers 
  • Housing Access of Washtenaw County: (734) 961-1999
  • Legal Aid Services of Washtenaw County: (734) 665-6181