Dear Neighbor,

Here is some information that I hope you will find helpful, including updates and news from your state government.

Proposal 2 Implementation Package Introduced, Receives Hearing

In November 2022, Michigan voters overwhelmingly supported Proposal 22-2, which expands voting rights in our state. Last week, my colleagues and I introduced a package to implement this proposal, which amended the state constitution, into statute.

My bill (HB 4698) allows identification from “educational institutions” and local units of government to be used as ID for election purposes.

Other bills in the package would:

  • Implement nine days of early voting and allow for municipal and county agreements on early voting sites (HB 4696).
  • Require that secure ballot drop boxes are located in cities and townships with one box for every 15,000 voters within that municipality (HB 4697).
  • Allow registered voters to have an absent voter ballot sent to them before each election by submitting a single signed application covering all future elections (HB 4699).
  • Require that absent voter ballot applications and ballots have prepaid postage for voters to return them by mail at no cost (HB 4700).
  • Change maximum precinct sizes from 2,999 voters to 5,000 voters (HB 4701). This anticipates voters’continued reliance on absentee voting as well as early voting.

These bills will receive a floor vote later this week.

Temporary Workers’ Protections Heard in House Labor Committee

One of my top legislative priorities is reducing financial strain on working families. This is why I have introduced the Temporary Workers Bill of Rights (House Bill 4034) every term since I first joined the Legislature in 2019. This bill would require that temporary workers get the first chance at a permanent job if one becomes available. It would bar employment agencies from sending temporary workers to a workplace where workers are on strike. And it would prohibit temporary agencies from charging workers unfair fees to work and other exploitative practices. House Bill 4034 received a hearing in the House Labor Committee last Thursday. This is the first term this legislation has received a hearing.

Gov. Whitmer Signs Bills to Protect Michiganders on the Road

Gov. Whitmer recently signed legislation (House Bill 4250) that updates our state’s distracted driving laws — which already prohibit texting while driving — to also prohibit watching or recording videos, using social media, and more. These bills aim to reduce distracted driving and save lives by ensuring that drivers are focused on the road. Drivers may continue to use hands-free technology. This law goes into effect on June 30.

Gov. Whitmer Announces New LGBTQ+ Commission

Gov. Whitmer announced the creation of Michigan’s first-ever LGBTQ+ Commission at Sunday’s Motor City Pride Parade in Detroit. The commission will be tasked with advising the governor on issues impacting Michigan’s LGBTQ+ community, including health, safety and discrimination. In addition, the commission will discuss how to attract future residents from the LGBTQ+ community by ensuring that Michigan is a safe place for everyone to live.

Fires Affect Michigan Air Quality

As you probably noticed, last week our skies were hazy with smoke from Canadian wildfires. Besides darkening the sky, this smoke led to air quality alerts. According to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, when there is an air quality alert, people should limit their time outdoors. This is particularly important for those with heart or lung disease, children, teens or pregnant people. To sign up for air quality alerts, click here.


Kara Hope

State Representative