June E-newsletter

Hello Neighbors,

This month’s Coffee with Christine will be held at the Portage Community Senior Center, 203 E. Centre Ave, Portage, MI 49002on June 23, at 9:30 a.m. I always look forward to getting to meet constituents face to face, answer questions, and hear your concerns directly.


Legislative Updates: 

These past few weeks have been some of the busiest of the year. As the chair of the Appropriations subcommittee on Health and Human Services, we have completed negotiations with the Senate and department. This has meant many long hours for me and my staff, and we are thrilled to have come to an agreement with all parties in a timely manner. I am confident that we will be able to produce a budget with record investments while providing care and support for the most vulnerable people in our state. Stay tuned next month for budget details!

In addition to the Legislature working hard on the budget, there has been a lot of legislation happening as well. Below, I would like to highlight bills of mine which will have legislative action this month:

HB 4382: A bill to amend the drain code and allow for the creation of water management districts. Experts and I from the Drain Commission gave testimony on HB 4382 in front of the committee on Local Government and Municipal Finance on June 7.

HB 4624: A bill to increase the county child care fund reimbursement rate. This bill is part of a larger bi-partisan package of bills that aims to improve the youth justice system for our state. This effort is being led by Rep. Kara Hope and the bills are expected to be heard this week in the committee on Criminal Justice.

Summer Safety:

With the summer months upon us, many of us will be enjoying our local lakes or making the trip to Lake Michigan. With this, it is important to pause and remember safety is key. Whether you are boating or swimming, I have included a few tips from the DNR, US Coast Guard, and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for you to review before heading to the lake.

Drowning is the cause of death in 81% of boating related fatalities. Contributing factors often include operator inattention, excessive speed and machinery failure. To help mitigate these risks and increase the safety of everyone onboard, follow the tips below:

  • Wear a life jacket.
  • Boat sober.
  • Check your boat before going out on the water.
  • Have a float plan.
  • Stay alert.
  • Carry a cell phone or marine radio.

Much like Michigan’s weather, Great Lakes conditions are often unpredictable and can change quickly. Never swim alone, and always keep close watch over children and inexperienced swimmers. If you see double red flags, you are not allowed to enter the water from the beach. Unless otherwise directed, visitors can still enjoy spending time on the beach. Risks can include, but are not limited to:

  • Severe weather events identified by the National Weather Service.
  • Hazardous waves and/or dangerous water conditions present.
  • Active rescue or recovery efforts.
  • Water contamination.
  • Unsafe debris washing ashore.

Closures/limits can also be identified by park signage and/or by verbal communication from DNR parks or law enforcement staff.



A resource my office has to offer, but many may not know about, are constituent publications! The House of Representatives produces several publications full of useful information for constituents to use, and my office can provide them.

Some of our most popular publications are our Constituent’s Guide, the US and Michigan Constitutions, Services for Seniors, and Veterans Benefits. Many of these publications include how-to guides for forms and services that can be very helpful.

Please reach out to my office at the contact information below if you are interested in learning more or would like us to send you any copies.

Office Updates:

As mentioned in last month’s newsletter, we saw some staff changes in my office. I am excited to have Mila Bodewes join our team in Lansing to serve in the role of Constituent Services. She previously served in my office as an intern through the WMU Capital Internship Program and is ready to hit the ground running. She will be your go-to for helping answer questions, address concerns or help assist you with any state departments.

Thank you all for staying connected with my updates. As always, please feel free to reach out to my office at any time should you have questions or concerns about any legislative or local issues. My office can be reached at christinemorse@house.mi.gov or (517) 373-8670, and any friends or neighbors who wish to join my mailing list can do so here.



Christine Morse

State Representative