Dear Neighbor,

Welcome to my e-newsletter! I’m honored and humbled to serve as our community’s voice at the Capitol in Lansing. As we continue into the term, rest assured that the challenges families in our community and state are facing are at the top of my legislative priorities.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to my office by phone at (517) 373-0837 or email at if we can help.


Amos O’Neal

State Representative, 94th House District

In this issue:

  • Legislation
    • SB 90 — The CROWN Act Passage
    • HB 4629 — Juvenile Justice Package Hearing
    • HB 4274 —  Revenue Sharing Trust Fund Hearing
  • Events
    • Pancake Breakfast
    • Coffee Hour

SB 90 – The CROWN Act Passage

After many years of support, I am so pleased to see the passage of the CROWN Act in Michigan last week.

This bill will amend the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act (ELCRA) to prohibit discrimination based on traits historically associated with race, including hair texture and protective hairstyles. State Sen. Sarah Anthony has advocated for this bill since she was a member in the House. Last term, I was able to sit on a panel in our community to discuss the importance of this legislation.

I am so proud to see the Legislature continue to pass reforms like this. We are now among twenty other states who have these protections.

HB 4629 – Juvenile Justice Package Hearing

We had another packed week of committee hearings in Lansing. On Tuesday, the Criminal Justice Committee held a hearing on a large, bipartisan package. The bill package is House Bills

4624-43. I am glad to have a part in sponsoring one of these bills.

This package would address juvenile justice. My bill specifically, HB 4629, would require detention screening tools to be used to make informed decisions when deciding to place a youth in secure detention. Some of the other bills in the package would do the following:

  • Limit the length of time on youth diversion to three months, unless more treatment is needed.
  • Allow DHHS to change the juvenile per-diem rates as needed.
  • Eliminate most fines and fees for juveniles except for restitution and victims funds.
  • Expand the office of child ombudsman to also include juvenile facilities.

If you would like to learn more about any of these bills, please reach out to our office.

HB 4274 – Revenue Sharing Trust Fund Hearing

On Wednesday, the Local Government Committee held a hearing on my bill, House Bill 4274. I was very excited to work with Rep. Tisdel on these two bills that would distribute money from sales tax revenue to local units of government. This package is an effort to prioritize necessary reforms. During the bill process, we made substitutes and have gained support from the Michigan Municipal League, the Michigan Association of Counties and the Michigan Township Association.

Pancake Breakfast

Come join me for a pancake breakfast at the Buena Vista Community Center on Friday, June 23 at 9 a.m.

All are welcome for an open dialogue on state affairs. I will provide a legislative update and be available for discussion throughout the morning. Please feel free to bring family, friends and an appetite!

O'Neal ban pan

Coffee Hour 

I am excited to announce I will host another in-person coffee hour on Monday, July 24 at 4:30 p.m. Please share our flier, and we hope you’ll attend. We will have time for a legislative update as well as open discussions on any issues the group wishes to discuss.

Coffee Hour O'neal