Hello District 32 Community,

Working class consciousness is on the rise! While I am in Lansing fighting for our district, our brothers and sisters throughout the state are on picket lines demonstrating their determination for better working conditions and compensation. As a proud member of the UAW, I continue to stand side by side with my fellow workers.

“Solidarity forever, for the union makes us strong!”

Wilson UAW

Coffee hour dates and locations vary, so please make sure to read our
e-newsletters to stay up to date, and follow Rep. Wilson’s Facebook page HERE.

Upcoming Coffee Hour:

  • Oct. 16 from 5:30-6:30 p.m.
    • Location: to be announced soon!

Constituent Update

  • Hottest Topics This Month:
    • Housing, including renters rights.
    • Environmental infrastructure.
    • Renewable energy.
    • Ending laboratory experimentation on dogs.
    • Addressing nurse staffing shortages.

Legislative Updates:

  • My voting record is 100% in the 102nd Legislature.
  • I have sponsored 15 bills and resolutions.
  • I have co-sponsored 430 bills and resolutions.
    • You may track this, and all other legislation, on Legislature.MI.Gov.
    • Click “Legislators” on the left menu, then scroll down to my name. You will find links for my sponsored and co-sponsored legislation, as well as a link to my website.


Status of Active Sponsored Bills

  • HB 4602: Highways: memorial; portion of I-94; designate as the “Washtenaw County Vietnam Veterans Memorial Highway”

Passed in the House, 108 yes votes. Passed in the Senate Committee on Veterans and Emergency Services. Has been referred to the Committee of the Whole awaiting a floor vote in the Senate as of 9/28/2023. 

  • HB 4230: Allows payroll deductions for public employees to donate to their labor union’s PAC

March 9, 2023: Introduced by Rep. Wilson. Referred to Committee on 

Elections. Voted out of committee 5/16/2023, with recommendations, and no amendments. I am working diligently to bring this to the House Floor for a vote. 


  • HB 4816: Name, Image, Likeness Rights for High School Athletes 

June 15, 2023: Introduced by Rep Wilson. Referred to Committee on Higher Education. Hearing and testimony in Higher Education Committee is expected in the coming weeks. 

  • HB 4640: Juvenile Justice Task Force Package

May 23, 2023: Introduced by Rep. Wilson. Referred to the Committee on Criminal Justice. Voted out of Criminal Justice committee following a hearing on 9/19/2023, with recommendation and no amendments. I am working diligently to bring this to the House floor for a vote with my colleagues on this bipartisan package. 

  • HB 5064: Jayden’s Law — Pediatric Medical Marihuana Patients Accessing Medicine at School

September 28, 2023: Introduced by Rep. Wilson, tie-barred to HB 5063 introduced by Rep. Wegela. Referred to the Committee on Regulatory Reform.

My Committees:

  • Policy Committee:
    • Regulatory Reform
  • Appropriations Committee:
    • Appropriations Subcommittees:
      • Joint Capital Outlay
      • Judiciary (Chair)
      • Military and Veterans Affairs and State Police
      • School Aid and Education

District Resources:

  • Constituent Services and Scheduling Requests: JimmieWilson@house.mi.gov
  • Legislative Information and Bill Idea Submissions: LDotson@house.mi.gov
  • Double Up Food Bucks: doubleupfoodbucks.org
  • United Way: Dial 211
    • (Provides services related to Senior crisis intervention, networking services to aid with maintaining independence and social integration programs.)
  • Barrier Busters: (734) 544-6748
    •  (Group matches people with entities that can help fulfill unmet needs)
  • Habitat for Humanity: (734) 677-1558
    •  (Home Ownership Program and Home Improvement Assistance)
  • Housing Access of Washtenaw County: (734) 961-1999
  • Legal Aid Services of Washtenaw County: (734) 665-6181