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As we begin our in-district period, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the tremendous work that the 102nd Legislature has done for Michiganders.

Should you need any assistance, would like to discuss legislation, or provide feedback, my office is at your disposal and happy to help!

Capitol Updates

House Reinvests in Michigan with State Budget

June was an incredibly busy month in Lansing. On June 28, the Michigan Legislature passed a bipartisan state budget that reinvests in what matters most – the people of Michigan. I’m very proud of the priorities that this expansive and historic budget supports. On a statewide level, the budget includes funding to support our implementation of Proposal 2 to expand voter rights and strengthen voter access. It also includes substantial support to help our state make the transition to green energy. Additionally, our budget will make transformative investments in our children’s education, including free breakfast and lunch for every public school student. Our kids deserve to be safe, healthy and supported while they’re at school, which is why our school budget makes historic investments in equitable funding for special education, at-risk students and English language learners. More specific to our district, the budget includes a $5 million investment in the Meridian Senior Center, as well as $900,000 for an Ingham County sustainability project! We worked incredibly hard to pass this excellent budget, and I can’t wait to see the difference it will make in the life of every Michigander.

Legislation to Implement Proposal 2 Advances

I am happy to report that the Proposal 2 implementation package has made its way through the House of Representatives and the Senate and will make its way to Gov. Whitmer’s desk. This package will improve election accessibility for all Michiganders, while keeping voting safe and secure. The legislation in the package will allow for nine days of early voting, giving much-needed flexibility to our clerks and at the same time giving Michigan voters unprecedented access to early in-person voting. In addition, the package will expand the number of secure ballots drop boxes in every jurisdiction and provide state-funded prepaid postage and guidelines for signature matching, among many other things. I am proud to have worked with the Secretary of State, my colleagues in the Senate, Promote the Vote, and clerks and election workers across the state to create comprehensive and expansive legislation to implement measures widely supported by Michigan voters last November.

Introducing Puppy Protection Bill

In addition to passing historic legislation that will improve and expand Michigan’s elections, I also introduced my Puppy Protection Bill, which seeks to phase out the sale of dogs, cats and rabbits at pet stores. HB 4838 aims to end the puppy-mill-to-pet store pipeline and drive Michigan toward more humane sources, like shelters, rescues and responsible breeders. As a long-time animal welfare advocate, I plan to work to ensure that our state no longer supports the cruel and well-documented puppy-mill-to-pet store pipeline and protect consumers from misleading sales tactics, the sale of sick puppies and predatory lending.

Updating Guardianship and Conservatorship Regulations

Finally, on June 27, Reps. Betsy Coffia, Kelly Breen, Graham Filler and Ken Borton and I introduced a package to update Michigan’s guardianship and conservatorship regulations. This bipartisan package was developed in conjunction with the Attorney General’s Office and the Elder Abuse Task Force to provide safeguards for the guardianship system, better outline processes and procedures in the courts, and offer guidance to family members. While most guardians and conservators work tirelessly to protect their wards, there are also bad actors looking to exploit those who cannot adequately protect themselves. My bill will outline the “duties and obligations” of guardians and conservators. With this package, Michigan’s most vulnerable citizens can receive the support and assistance that they require without fear of exploitation.

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