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Welcome to my monthly Capitol and Community Updates e-newsletter! As your state representative in the 102nd Michigan Legislature, I am happy to provide these regular updates on my legislative work. In this issue, you will find information on my upcoming events, a legislative update, news on funding coming to our district, grant opportunities and resources for how my office can assist you!

Neighbors and friends in House District 103 are encouraged to also sign up for these updates at my website, You can reach my office by phone at (517) 373-3817 or by email at Be sure to check out the latest on my social media platforms as well, including on Facebook. As this legislative session continues, I welcome your continued feedback and encourage you to reach out if my team and I can ever be of assistance to you!

In Service,

Betsy Coffia

State Representative

House District 103

Upcoming Events

Please join me for my upcoming coffee hours, where I will give a legislative update and take your questions about the issues facing our state and our community. These events are a great way to find out what policies I’m working on and to share your ideas and concerns with me!

State Rep. Betsy Coffia hosts a coffee hour in Grand Traverse County on April 8.

My 2024 in-person coffee hours occur monthly in one of the three counties of the 103rd House District — Grand Traverse, Benzie and Leelanau — on a rotating basis, with a virtual session later in the day. This month my in-person coffee hour will be in Benzie County!


May meeting information:

In-Person Coffee Hour

When: Monday, May 13, from noon to 1 p.m.

Where: Red Door Coffee House

(19631 Maple St., Lake Ann, MI 49650)

Virtual Coffee Hour

When: Monday, May 13, from 4-5 p.m.

Where: Zoom (Register here)

Legislative Update

This has been the most productive legislative term in years, if not in decades. The Legislature passed over 360 bills that have been signed into law so far, the vast majority with bipartisan support. It is my great honor to put the people of Michigan first by delivering on our promises, I will keep the momentum moving forward as this legislative term continues.

Wins on Affordable Housing and Energy Efficiency

My approach on the housing crisis is to recognize there is no single “fix,” but that we as policymakers must turn over every rock and chase every lead to bring communities more tools to address it. Sometimes those leads involve asking state or federal agencies to change their rules or allow more flexibility on housing projects, and that’s where we have good news. Until recently, housing projects in Michigan that received funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) could not participate in the Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program. In a nutshell, PACE allows housing developers who are building more affordable housing to also make it more energy efficient. In turn, this will also allow future residents of those housing developments to save money on energy bills.

Last August, I sent a letter to Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel requesting a formal opinion to help meet a HUD requirement for consideration of PACE approval. In October, Attorney General Nessel published the opinion stating that, per Michigan law, PACE funding is a special assessment and is compatible with HUD requirements. In April 2024, HUD responded with approval and will consider proposals for HUD projects to access PACE on an individual basis. Access to affordable housing is at a crisis point, especially in Northern Michigan. Michigan is also working diligently to increase its renewable energy supply, help residents lower their utility bills and live in healthier environments. This news is a true win-win for Michigan and the people who call it home.

Accessibility caption: “I am so grateful that two of my biggest priorities as a legislator – affordable housing and renewable energy – will grow together as a result of this effort. I will continue doing everything in my power to help people who want to live in this beautiful state afford to do so.” -State Rep. Betsy Coffia on HUD approval for PACE projects.

Championing Rural Priorities

I’m excited to highlight recent action on two pieces of legislation I introduced to improve lives and livelihoods in Northern Michigan. House Bill 4618 removes a barrier in current law that prevents certain airport authorities from increasing contributions toward their employees’ health care plans. Most Michigan airport authorities can already do this, but the governing body of the Cherry Capital Airport (TVC) in Traverse City is one example of an authority that was excluded from this provision. Our airports are critical economic hubs for our region and state, with TVC being the third largest airport in the state and having an annual economic impact of over $1 billion. At a time when competition for the best talent is fierce, employers must be able to offer the best compensation package possible without government barriers. Not only that, but eliminating the contribution cap will help employees keep more of their hard-earned money. I’m glad my House colleagues on both sides of the aisle saw the merits in the bill and helped it pass overwhelmingly on April 23 by a vote of 83-24. HB 4618 now moves to the Senate. 

I was also thrilled to see my bill, House Bill 5030, which addresses the housing crisis, advance unanimously through the Economic Development and Small Business House Committee to the House floor on April 23. This bill would give the Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA) more financial flexibility to improve its bonding and support more affordable housing projects. My bill will free up millions that will go toward addressing housing needs. We need to use every tool in our toolbox to increase the stock of affordable housing so that more people can move to our great state. HB 5030 next goes to a vote of the full House.

Bringing a rural perspective to the Michigan Legislature is one of the most important roles I have as your state representative. I recently had the chance to participate in a legislative panel with state Rep. Phil Skaggs of East Grand Rapids and state Rep. Jenn Hill of Marquette at the MDP Rural Caucus Summit on April 12. At this event I was able to connect one-on-one with many constituents with concerns about a wide range of topics, from foster care to broadband and mental health access in our rural communities. Thank you to everyone who gave me crucial community input to take with me as I advocate for our region at the State Capitol!

State Rep. Betsy Coffia speaking at the MDP Rural Caucus Summit on April 12.


Discussions of Mental Health in the 103rd

You can watch my virtual April coffee hour here. This was a fantastic discussion on the status of mental health reform efforts in Michigan with House Behavioral Health Subcommittee chair, state Rep. Felicia Brabec! Rep. Brabec is a former Washtenaw County Commission chair and a licensed clinical psychologist who has been practicing in Michigan for over 20 years. With this invaluable background, she has very informed insights on mental health delivery in Michigan — what’s working, what isn’t and what we need to change. I am grateful to her for taking time to have this conversation for the benefit of constituents of the 103rd district as I know how critical an issue it is for our region. 

On the topic of mental health, I also encourage constituents to view this testimony from April 3 by Northern Lakes Community Mental Health Board of Directors member Kate Dahlstrom and several impacted mental health providers and families from our region. They gave virtual testimony before the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Health and Human Services on the serious need for additional resources in rural Northern Michigan, including in-patient juvenile and adult beds. My office was glad to assist Kate in her request for support navigating the process of giving testimony in the subcommittee, and we offer our thanks to her and the other constituents from the 103rd District who spoke compellingly and heartbreakingly of their experiences seeking mental health care. We will continue to seek ways to amplify the needs and voices of Northern Michigan on the critical topic of mental health access.

Additional Updates

As always, legislation I have sponsored or co-sponsored can be found here. Real-time updates on my legislative work can be found here.


Funding Coming to the 103rd District

Accessibility caption: “This is incredibly welcome news for our community. All across our region in Northern Michigan, there is a lack of affordable housing, which has wide-ranging impacts on our local workforce and economy. That’s why expanding our affordable housing stock has been one of my top priorities while in office.” -State Rep. Betsy Coffia on East Bay Flats receiving key tax credits to support new affordable housing developments.

I am thrilled to share that our communities in Benzie, Grand Traverse and Leelanau counties in the 103rd House District have recently been awarded the following state grant funding:


  • East Bay Flats – $788,000: This project, supported through tax credits, is being developed by Goodwill of Northern Michigan and TJ Acquisitions and will create 64 units of Permanent Supportive Housing to assist many currently experiencing homelessness and living in the encampment known as The Pines in Traverse City. Each unit will receive rental assistance from the Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA). Construction of the project is expected to create 52 temporary jobs with an additional 14 permanent jobs created once the project is completed. The inclusion of Permanent Supportive Housing is a very important component of this effort. According to the National Alliance to End Homelessness, “Permanent supportive housing is an intervention that combines affordable housing assistance with voluntary support services to address the needs of chronically homeless people. The services are designed to build independent living and tenancy skills and connect people with community-based health care, treatment and employment services.” Learn more about the track record of Permanent Supportive Housing in helping end homelessness here.
  • Peninsula Township — $675,000: The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) and the Michigan Agricultural Preservation Fund Board have awarded this grant to purchase development rights and preserve local land for agricultural use, which ensures that our communities will have locally sustainable sources of fresh food and keep local jobs in the agriculture community.
  • Northwest Michigan Works! — $1 million: The Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity has awarded this funding as part of the State Apprenticeship Expansion 2023 Grant Program, which will provide Michiganders with access to life-changing career opportunities through Registered Apprenticeships in non-traditional sectors and occupations.


Grant Funding Opportunities

Current federal and state grant and scholarship opportunities include:

  • Michigan Youth Livestock Scholarship: The Michigan Youth Livestock Scholarship Fund (MYLSF) is providing scholarships to outstanding youth who have exhibited at the premier livestock events in Michigan. Applications and qualification requirements for the MYLSF and the statewide scholarship can be obtained here. Applications must be submitted electronically no later than 11:59 p.m. on May 15.
  • Community Energy Management Grant: The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) has made funding available to local governments, tribal governments, and other public-service entities for energy-related projects. Applications close June 30.
  • Renewables Ready Communities Award: EGLE is establishing a new funding opportunity to award Michigan communities for hosting renewable energy projects. This adds to the existing value provided through tax revenue, community benefits opportunities, advancement of clean energy commitments, and more. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until Sept. 30.
  • MI Neighborhood Grant: Applications are now open for this grant through the Michigan State Housing Development Authority to address the regional goals identified through the implementation of the Statewide Housing Plan. This grant is open to developers, nonprofits, and units of local government, and applications will be accepted as long as funding is available.
  • Wastewater Infrastructure Fund (WIF) Grant Program: This grant from MDARD aims to help the state’s food and agriculture businesses ensure compliance with Michigan’s environmental regulations. Applications will be accepted continually until funding is exhausted.

Secure Medicine Disposal is Free and Easy

My office is deeply committed to enhancing public health and safety by raising awareness of existing pharmaceutical disposal options. Having accessible options for the safe disposal of household medicines is important to ensure the well-being of our communities.

 With this commitment in mind, I encourage others to share the new MyOldMeds landing page for Michigan, which identifies the 876 locations in Michigan that provide free household medicine disposal options. This landing page is tailored to provide resources and information specifically for residents of Michigan on the proper use, storage and disposal of household medicines. On the website, visitors can view a state directory of disposal options, access shareable social media graphics and learn more about free and easy-to-use local resources.

 Please consider increasing awareness of these free and easy-to-use resources among your networks. The Michigan Community Outreach Toolkit makes sharing as seamless as possible — feel free to take advantage of the suggested social media content, graphics and PSA videos!

Apply for State Boards and Commissions

As you may know, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer makes appointments to nearly 250 statewide boards and commissions. These appointments are opportunities for Michiganders to engage with their state government on the issues they care about and represent their expertise and communities at the state level. Vacancies can be viewed online. Each board listed includes the number of total members, number of vacant seats and specifications for each vacancy.


E-News Archives, Publications and Recognitions

My e-news archive is available on my website here.

State publications on various topics are also available here. Physical copies of any of these publications can also be mailed to you by emailing my office with your request!

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