Dear Neighbor,

Thank you for subscribing to my legislative updates. I hope you have been able to stay dry over the past few days. Today, I will be providing an update on my upcoming community conversation and the recent state budget that passed the legislature.

Community Conversation 

Please join me on Monday, Sept. 27, from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. at Green Acres Park (620 W. Woodward Heights Blvd. in Hazel Park). State Sen. Jeremy Moss and I will be there to discuss the state budget and any concerns that you have.

2022 Budget Overview

I was proud to vote yes on the fiscal year 2022 state budget to support local infrastructure, public safety, community health, and parks and recreation projects.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Approximately $2.7 billion in federal supplemental relief funds, including mortgage assistance and home repairs ($121 million), water affordability ($36.2 million), and energy assistance ($238 million).
  • A 5% increase in higher education and community college operations payments.
  • A historic $1.5 billion investment in child care that will decrease costs for working families, expand access and support child care providers.
  • Full funding for Michigan Reconnect and Futures for Frontliners tuition scholarship programs to create opportunities for Michiganders seeking educational advancement.
  • $15 million for lead removal and home repair grants.

For our district, I was able to secure funding for recreation center improvements in Royal Oak Township, FernCare Free Clinic in Ferndale and Kids Kicking Cancer, a student healing and wellness initiative piloted in Oak Park Public Schools. These investments will go a long way in funding the vital programs that we all rely on.

Finally, I have heard some concerns over boilerplate language that would prohibit local health departments from issuing orders designed to limit the spread of COVID-19. I share those concerns and would not have voted for a budget that does not prioritize the health and safety of our community. These sections of boilerplate are unenforceable, as you cannot create policy in budget boilerplate. The language is unconstitutional. I trust the governor will see it that way as well.

Providing $200 Million to School Districts for Declining Enrollment

Because of the pandemic, more students than ever are moving to homeschool or online instruction. This is causing school districts across the state to receive less state funding and struggle to keep needed resources for students. I introduced House Bill 5270 to provide districts the funding they need to offset and stabilize their budgets. I will continue fighting for the passage of this bill to ensure our schools have adequate staffing levels so that our educators and students have everything they need to succeed.

Thank you for taking the time to read my legislative update. If you are in need of any support or resources or have questions regarding legislation or state government in general, please feel free to reach out to me at my office via email at or by calling (517) 373-0478.