Hello Friends,

Welcome to my latest e-newsletter! I wanted to update you on some significant legislation that recently passed the House of Representatives.

Earlier this week, House Democrats delivered the critical votes to pass House Bills 56025604, which would create the Strategic Outreach and Attraction Reserve Fund, the Michigan Strategic Site Readiness Program and the Critical Industry Fund. Together, this legislation would attract business development, especially in manufacturing, through investments in infrastructure, renovations to pre-existing buildings and pollution cleanup.

We have recently seen companies with deep roots in Michigan lured to other parts of the globe. We can’t let this happen, especially as American auto manufacturers break new ground in the development of electric vehicles, and have to do everything we can to ensure that Michigan once again leads the charge of this auto industry renaissance to both retain the jobs we have and create new ones.

I was proud to vote yes on this legislation to allow Michigan to create incentives for site development to support job creation, make our state more competitive and add critical safeguards to ensure taxpayer dollars are spent wisely.

Make no mistake: Michigan can and must do more to make our state more attractive to businesses, including addressing our aging infrastructure and continuing to make historic investments in education. But, this legislation will put Michigan in a better position to compete for the best jobs of tomorrow.

Remember, my office and I are here to serve you. If you need any assistance or would like to offer your opinion on upcoming legislation, you can reach me and my staff by email at JoeTate@house.mi.gov or by calling us at (517) 373-1776.

In service,

Joe Tate

State Representative

2nd House District