Dear Neighbor,

I am honored to serve as the state representative for the 29th House District and proud to be a strong advocate in Lansing for our community. Please encourage your friends and family to stay connected and subscribe to this e-newsletter. It will keep you up to date on legislation and policies coming from the Capitol, as well as my coffee hours and other virtual and in-person community events.

In service,

State Rep. Brenda Carter, 29th House District

In this Issue:

  • Upcoming Events
  • Voting Information
  • Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist II in Pontiac
  • Attorney General Dana Nessel in Pontiac
  • Dave Coleman Volunteer Appreciation Dinner
  • Gino’s Staff Fundraising Dinner
  • My Third Bill Signed Into Law!

Upcoming Events

  • Goldner Walsh (Hybrid) Coffee Hour
  • Haus of Brunch (Hybrid) Coffee Hour

Voting Info

Absentee ballots will be available starting Sept. 29, though your local clerk may send them sooner. On Aug. 25, you will be able to use this link to confirm if you are on the absentee voter list. Use this link to learn if you are registered to vote and to find your physical precinct location. If you have questions about any upcoming election, I encourage you to reach out to your local clerk.

Pontiac City Clerk: Garland Doyle

Address: 47450 Woodward Ave., First Floor

Phone: (248) 758-3200

Auburn Hills City Clerk: Laura Pierce

Address: 1827 N. Squirrel Road

Phone: (248)370-9402


Sylvan Lake City Clerk: Dennise Dryden

Address: 1820 Inverness St

Phone: (248) 682-1440


Keego Harbor City Clerk: Tammy Neeb

Address: 2025 Beechmont St.

Phone: (248) 682-1930

Orchard Lake Village City Clerk: Rhonda McClellan

Address: 3955 Orchard Lake Road

Phone: (248) 682-2400


L.t Gov. Garlin Gilchrist II in Pontiac 

On Saturday, Aug. 13, Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist II came to Baudette Park to speak with our seniors about what matters most to them. We had a great conversation on lowering prescription drug prices, ending the retirement tax and stopping senior abuse. I am happy to say that we have a partner in the governor’s office fighting for our community!

Attorney General Dana Nessel in Pontiac 

On Tuesday, Aug. 16, Attorney General Dana Nessel came to the Pontiac area! We had a great time at Avon Donuts, Haus of Brunch, the 50th District Court and Liberty Bar. We thank you, Attorney General Nessel, for coming to our community and listening to our needs. Thanks to Attorney General Nessel’s visit, we are now scheduling another expungement resource fair. More details to come!

Dave Coleman Volunteer Appreciation Dinner 

I wanted to express a huge thank you to Pontiac hero Dave Coleman! I had a wonderful time visiting with Dave at his volunteer thank you dinner and community event on Aug. 11. It is hard-working, caring people like Dave who really make Pontiac shine. Again, thank you Dave for having me, and I can’t wait until next year’s event!

Gino’s Staff Fundraising Dinner 

As many in our community know, Gino’s Pizzeria and Restaurant suffered a damaging fire on May 10 (although it sounds like it will be reopening soon!). To make up for the lost wages for his staff, Gino hosted a wonderful fundraiser in July. It was amazing to see all of the community members who came out to show their support. The event raised over $27,000! I can’t wait to see Gino’s reopen again — better than ever!

My Third Bill Signed Into Law!

On May 5, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed a bill I introduced, House Bill 5278, into law. This is my third public act as your state representative! This bill was part of a package of bills that completely reformed the Child Protective Services Central Registry, a list of people who are convicted or suspected of child abuse or neglect, and are likely to reoffend. In its old form, the registry was not actually protecting Michigan’s children. Far too many parents and caretakers were unfairly on the registry. This meant not only that these individuals were not allowed to continue their careers as teachers or nurses but also that the number of people on the registry was so large that the people who actually needed to be there could not be adequately tracked. I am happy to say the governor signed my bill into law so that we can actually protect the children in our  state.