Hello District 32,

The days are getting warmer, and soon it will be summer! We know that the community will be out and about over the next few months taking in all the sunshine and fresh air. If there is a community event you would like me to swing by and support or check out, please email my office at jimmiewilson@house.mi.gov . I am looking forward to catching up with you!

In solidarity,

Jimmie Wilson, Jr.


Event Round UP

Thank you to all of our neighbors and elected officials for joining me at one or more of my four Voting Rights and Information town halls I hosted throughout the district.

We discussed the great work we are doing in Lansing to reform and improve our elections, voter access and more. Some specifics I would like to highlight are the following:

  • Implementation of Proposal 2
    • Allow for absent voter ballots from uniformed service or overseas voters to be counted up to six days after the election, as long as postmarked before Election Day.
    • Early voting procedures, pre-processing of absent voter ballots during the early voting period, etc..
    • Creation of a system to track absent voter ballots and AV ballot application.
    • Modifying absentee voter ballot drop box requirements.
    • Implementing provisions regarding permanent mail ballot voters.
  • Expanding Access to the Ballot
    • Eliminating the prohibition on paid rides to the polls.
    • Allowing 16- and 17-year-olds to pre-register to vote.
    • Codifying the ability to fill out an AV ballot registration online.
    • Creating a new Secure Automatic Voter Registration system.
    • Creating a permanent online voter registration process.
  •  Addressing Artificial Intelligence
    • Requiring a disclosure if audio, an image or a video from a political advertisement was created using artificial intelligence.
    • Defining artificial intelligence in statute.
    • Establishes penalties if artificial intelligence was used to create a deepfake video or image without the use of a disclaimer.

I want to especially elevate the great work in our district being carried out by Lynette Findley, Superior Township clerk; Heather Jarrell Roe, Ypsilanti Township clerk; and Michelle Anzaldi, Pittsfield Township clerk. Thank you for everything you do to make sure our elections are secure and efficient!

Constituent Update

Hottest Topics This Month:

  • Prioritize Education in the Budget.
  • Correctional Officer Compensation.
  • Properly Compensating Direct Care Workers.
  • Protecting our Water.
  • Voting Rights.

Legislative Updates

  • I have a 100% voting record in the 102nd Legislature.
  • I have sponsored 30 bills and resolutions.
  • I have co-sponsored 707 bills and resolutions:
    • You can track this, and all other legislation, on Legislature.MI.gov.
    • On the home page, find the “Quick Links” section, then click “Legislators.” Next, scroll down to my name. You will find links for my sponsored and co-sponsored legislation, as well as a link to my website.

My Committees

  • Policy Committee:
    • Regulatory Reform
  • Appropriations Committee:
    • Judiciary (Chair)
    • Joint Capital Outlay
    • Military and Veterans Affairs and State Police
    • School Aid and Education
    • Appropriations Subcommittees:

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