DTE requested a rate increase from the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) a few months after receiving an approved rate adjustment at the end of 2022. The previous rate was a 10% increase from what DTE had originally requested from the MPSC. This decision on the difference of the rate hikes followed a contentious public meeting with the commission that saw more than 200 people pack the hearing in opposition. If MPSC approves the current request, the average residential customer’s bills could go up by $12.46 per month by December. DTE already has the highest kilowatt-per-hour rate compared to other large utilities in the Great Lakes region and some of the longest-lasting power outages in the country.

DTE has invested more than $8 billion into its electric grid and with the rise of inflation, they believe this rate increase is justified. As your state representative, I do not have the ability to vote on individual rate increases. This power is under the MPSC, and as a consumer, you have the ability to provide comments to the MPSC. You can find more information about that process here.

The House of Representatives does have the power to hold hearings and gather testimony regarding these issues. While I do not sit on the House Energy, Communications, and Technology Committee, state Rep. Helena Scott, the committee chair, has expressed interest in taking a close look at the utility companies and anyone who should be held accountable for the long wait on restoration times. With the increase in severity and frequency in storms, it is imperative that we strengthen our electrical grid.

Thank you again for contacting me, and please do not hesitate to do so again with any other questions, comments or concerns. Citizen activism is the best way to influence positive change and enable your government to function in a way that best serves the people.

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