In order to keep you and your neighbors better informed about the legislation we discuss, I am posting the agenda for any scheduled committee meetings at the beginning of the week and an update with any votes that were taken that week in committee or on the House floor. I hope you find this information helpful and please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of further assistance.

April 17, 2014: House Votes

For votes of the full legislature, I will include a summary of each bill with the sponsor, the vote totals and the next step in the legislative process for the bill. If you would like to read more information about a given bill you can head to

Allowing Mixing of Game

HB 5195 – (Rep. LaFontaine) – Passed: 106-3

Next: Sent to Senate for consideration

House Bill 5195 (H-2) would allow mixing of game from more than one owner and not butchered by a licensed food establishment if the consumer is given a written advisory.

Allowing Use of Mortality Tables

HB 5192 – (Rep. LaFontaine) – Passed: 106-1

House Bill 5192 would allow life insurance companies to use “preferred class structure mortality tables” to determine future-claim reserve levels, subject to specified limitations.

Week of April 14, 2014: Committee Meetings



HB 5313 – (Rep. Haveman) – Appropriations; zero budget; omnibus budget appropriations bill; provide for.

Reported from committee by a vote of 19-0

HB 5314 – (Rep. Rogers) – Appropriations; school aid; fiscal year 2014-2015 omnibus appropriations for school aid, higher education, and community colleges; provide for.

Reported from committee by a vote of 19-0

Appropriations: Subcommittee on Agriculture and Rural Development


  • Public Testimony on Executive Budget Recommendation for FY 2014-15

HB 5295 – (Rep. Potvin) – Appropriations; zero budget; department of agriculture and rural development; provide for fiscal year 2014-2015.

Testimony Only



HB 5383 – (Rep. Lauwers) – Criminal procedure; evidence; expert witness testimony concerning chemical testing and custody of evidence by video communication; allow at preliminary examination and trial for certain prosecutions, and provide for release subject to conditions reasonably necessary for the protection of the public under certain circumstances.

Testimony Only

HB 5384 – (Rep. Lauwers) – Traffic control; driver license; preliminary chemical analysis test results; require to be entered into LEIN if results are positive.

Testimony Only

HB 5385 – (Rep. Lauwers) – Crimes; intoxication or impairment; preliminary chemical testing for certain controlled substances; authorize, and provide for procedures and penalties for refusal.

Testimony Only

HB 5335 – (Rep. Jacobsen) – Torts; premises liability; liability of possessor of land for injuries to trespassers; codify.

Reported favorably from committee by a vote of 9-0-3

HB 5178 – (Rep. Pettalia) – Torts; premises liability; liability for recreational user; include aviation activities.

Testimony Only

SB 749 – (Sen. Schuitmaker) – Crime victims; other; definition of a victim; include in certain circumstances.

Reported favorably from committee by a vote of 10-0


Overview of the House Transportation Funding Proposal

Natural Resources

HB 5400 – (Rep. Schmidt) – Environmental protection; solid waste; low-hazard industrial waste, beneficial use by-products, and inert material; reduce regulation of.

Reported favorably from committee by a vote of 8-0-1

HB 5401 – (Rep. McBroom) – Environmental protection; cleanups; person who stores or uses inert materials and beneficial use by-products; exempt from liability.

Reported favorably from committee by a vote of 9-0

HB 5402 – (Rep. Potvin) – Agriculture; fertilizer; liming material licensing conditions; provide for beneficial use by-products and inert materials.

Reported favorably from committee by a vote of 9-0