B.Carter Floor Speech

LANSING, Mich. April 13, 2023 — House Bill 4064 passed the Michigan House of Representatives today. This bill was introduced by state Rep. Brenda Carter (D-Pontiac) and will allow the Michigan Department of Education to develop or adopt educational curriculums that teach cursive as a type of penmanship and make those plans available to schools. Following the passage of this bill, Carter issued the following statement:

“The benefits of ensuring our kids are taught cursive in school are far more than just teaching them how to sign their names. By passing this bill, we will help children develop better memories and improve their cognitive function. It is a well-known fact among the scientific community that children and adults alike need to learn and develop handwriting skills.

“However, there aren’t just scientific arguments for this. By teaching children cursive, we connect future generations to the past generations. My granddaughter was able to connect with her late father, my late son, through a cursive letter he had written back in 1996. By not teaching children this skill, we are depriving them of the ability to connect to the past. This is why I’m proud to have sponsored this legislation, and I’m proud to have voted yes on this bill.”