“The unjust murder of George Floyd has yet again highlighted the desperate need for police reform in this country. Black families should not have to live in fear that their loved ones will be murdered by the hands of those who have sworn to protect and serve.

“As a former law enforcement officer, a Black man, and simply a human being, I am disgusted by the criminal actions of officers who abuse their power. As someone who has dedicated most of my life to upholding peace and justice, I want to see them behind bars and their enabling superior officers who swept countless previous complaints under the rug held accountable for their negligence. Some professions simply do not have room for bad actors, and law enforcement is one of them. Police culture itself must be examined and fundamentally changed.

“We must take systemic responsibility and action to heal the multi-generational trauma that has broken hearts, families, and communities. Our institutions desperately need to live up to the call of our Constitution and the Civil Rights Act.

“We must co-create systems that end oppression and build equity in order to fulfill our promise and oath to serve and protect all people.

“I am calling on my fellow officers to pause and take a long, hard look in the mirror; to hold one another accountable and have the courage to cut out the disease before it spreads any further. Honor your duty to the people of your community and the institution you represent, and let go of misguided loyalty to those who are a disgrace to the badge and the ideals we hold dear.”

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