LANSING, Mich., Sept. 16, 2021— State Rep. Brenda Carter (D-Pontiac) introduced House Bill 5307 to address the coverage disparity for motorcyclists resulting from the recent auto no-fault reform and ensure motorcyclists still have access to the care they need if injured. Carter, who is the Democratic vice chair of the House Insurance Committee, introduced the legislation to commemorate the second anniversary of the passing of her son, who died in a catastrophic car accident.

“The current auto insurance law leaves our motorcyclists far too vulnerable,” Carter said. “I know first-hand the hurt families experience when their loved one has been in a terrible accident. They don’t need to add a state of limbo to their worries. Michiganders deserve the coverage and support they need after an accident. It’s time to act to make sure our motorcyclists are protected and don’t have to worry about this unnecessary risk.”

Under Michigan’s previous no-fault auto insurance system, motorcyclists injured in accidents with motor vehicles were covered by the driver’s insurance, which previously guaranteed unlimited lifetime coverage. Currently, coverage for motorcyclists would still rely on the driver’s auto insurance, even if the driver chose a lower level of Personal Injury Protection coverage for themselves, leaving motorcyclists on the hook to pay the difference.

The bill will restructure priority of payers in the event of an accident, putting the motorcyclist’s insurance first in line instead of the other motorist involved in the crash.