DETROIT, Oct. 7, 2021 — On Sunday in Detroit, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer vetoed a package of bills that she claimed was part of a “disinformation campaign” aiming to sow doubts over the security of the American electoral system. State Rep. Tyrone Carter (D-Detroit) issued the following statement in support of her veto:

“I think it’s truly appalling that some folks see fit to slander our democracy. In the midst of a pandemic, we managed to conduct a secure election with record turnout. We should be building upon that success to ensure that every eligible American citizen can exercise their right to vote and can do so without spending an entire day at the polls. This package does nothing to accomplish this goal, and, in fact, it sets the stage to make voting harder, especially for Black and brown communities. It’s an ineffectual, counterproductive waste of taxpayers’ money.

“What we need to do is come together as a country and agree: every eligible American citizen deserves to let their voices be heard. Anything that interferes with that right is wrong. It’s that simple. I support the governor’s veto of this legislation, which is so at odds with American ideals.”