Employees of Redford’s 7-Up Dr. Pepper (KDP) distribution center and members of Teamsters Local 337 have recently went on strike in pursuit of better wages, treatment and working conditions. This morning on the picket line, unfair and racist intimidation tactics were reportedly levied against striking workers. In response, state Rep. Mary Cavanagh (D-Redford Twp.) released the following statement:

“I proudly stand in solidarity with KDP workers and members of Local 337 in their fight to secure the fair wages and better working conditions they need to support their families, our community and state as a whole, especially amid the ongoing pandemic. It has also been incredibly troubling to see the intimidation tactics deployed against these hardworking Michiganders this week, who are simply fighting for a better future and exercising their right to join together to make their collective voice heard. I support Local 337 in their goal to return to the bargaining table on equal footing so that good-faith negotiations may begin.”