LANSING, Mich., June 22, 2023 — The Committee on Transportation, Mobility and Infrastructure, chaired by state Rep. Nate Shannon (D-Sterling Heights), voted two bills out of committee on Tuesday — House Bill 4706 and Senate Bill 43.

The first bill, House Bill 4706, amends a public act to exclude a provider of electric vehicle charging services from the definition of alternative electric suppliers. An entity that provides electric vehicle charging services will not be considered a public utility under this amendment.

“This electric vehicle legislation opens Michigan up for new opportunities,” Shannon said. “Amending this legislation will also have an everlasting impact — Michigan will qualify for more federal loans and continue to perpetuate electric vehicle use in our state, increase community accessibility to charging stations and support other greener transportation methods.”

Senate Bill 43 was the second bill voted out of committee. This bill requires the Michigan Department of Transportation to use concrete or similar temporary barriers when closing a freeway to traffic. It would also use these barriers to separate road workers from traffic if a portion of a freeway is closed at night.

“While road workers are on the job, it matters where the barriers are placed,” Shannon continued “It is the difference between life, death or a habilitating injury — the minimum speed limit on the highway is fast, and a car’s impact is devastating. Passing this bill into law will strengthen protocol and will help mobility by keeping our workers safe and our traffic moving. It is important to set a standard and review it; this bill provides better legislation for a safer state.”

Both the bills will now move to the House floor for further vote.