LANSING – State Representative Stephanie Chang (D-Detroit) will introduce legislation that would add more information to the uniform crime reports police departments send to the Michigan State Police every month. The bill would increase law enforcement transparency by requiring local law enforcement agencies to provide data regarding the use of force and shooting incidents.

“Including information on any complaints and shooting incidents will increase accountability and transparency in our police departments, and that will strengthen the relationship between police officers and the communities they serve,” said Chang.

Chang’s bill would require the following information be included in these uniform crime reports:

  • The number and type of use of force complaints made against officers of that department
  • The number of shooting incidents involving officers of that department
  • The disposition of any investigations into the above mentioned incidents
  • The racial and ethnic demographics of those involved in the above mentioned incidents

Chang said that, in light of the attention given to police conduct during incidents that have happened elsewhere in the country, making this kind of information more easily accessible will help officials and community members understand and address any potential police conduct issues.

“We should always strive for open lines of communication and transparency from all of our public servants, whether they are government or law enforcement officials,” said Chang. “Being open and upfront about incidents will ensure that everyone has the information they need to understand what has happened and how the incident will be addressed.”