LANSING — State Representative Stephanie Chang (D-Detroit) has accepted an invitation from US Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy to serve on the agency’s Local Government Advisory Committee for a two-year term from July 15, 2016, through July 16, 2018. The committee provides advice and recommendations to the EPA administrator to help develop strong partnerships with local governments to deliver environmental services and programs.

“I am extremely honored to be appointed to this committee, and I look forward to serving,” said Chang. “Michiganders and all Americans should have a right to clean air, clean water and a healthy environment. As a committee member, I will work with fellow committee members to advise the EPA and ensure that we are protecting the environment, and our communities and families have access to the appropriate environmental services and programs.”

Chang is the sponsor of a number of bills addressing air pollution, environmental, and water issues including:

  • House Bills 4057 and 4058 concerning requiring cumulative impact  studies for any new air permit and containment of petroleum coke piles
  • House Bill 4657, which requires that environmental hazards be assessed and eliminated before building a school or acquiring a site for a school
  • House Bills 5286 and 5287 requiring the reduction of air emissions during certain months and restricting emissions during thermal inversions
  • House Bill 5372 to allow counties and townships to regulate and control hydraulic fracturing (fracking) operations
  • House Bill 5097 to create and fund a water rate affordability program
  • House Bill 5122 to provide water shut-off protections for seniors, families with children, and people with disabilities or medical conditions
  • House bill 5406 to reinstate a citizen oversight commission for air quality at the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality