LANSING — State Representative Stephanie Chang (D-Detroit) introduced legislation today that would repeal Michigan’s rent control prohibition and allow communities to enact policies to address the problems created by increasing rents.

“Senior citizens who are living on fixed incomes may be forced to move from apartments they’ve lived in for years because landlords are increasing their rents in cities like Detroit,” said Chang. “Some of the local officials in my district would like to write rent control policies to address this problem so that seniors, as well as others with limited incomes, can afford to stay in their homes. It’s time to repeal Michigan’s ban on rent control and give the opportunity to our cities to adopt policies if they choose to do so.”

Michigan’s ban on rent control policies was enacted in 1988 (Public Act 226). With more developers building luxury apartments in cities across the state, landlords of existing units are increasing rents to match the market rates. That makes it increasingly difficult for seniors and some families to find affordable housing, or to stay in the apartments they’ve lived in for many years.