LANSING, Mich., Jan. 26, 2022 — Tonight, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer gave her fourth State of the State address, outlining her vision for the state and calling for bipartisan collaboration on the issues that matter most to Michigan families. Her remarks highlighted proposals that put Michiganders first by growing Michigan’s economy, creating jobs, cutting taxes and lowering costs for families. In response, State Rep. John Cherry (D-Flint) issued the following statements:

“We must make sure that Michigan auto industry workers and plants have a secure future as the world transitions to electric vehicles. The investments we’ve heard about recently are a good first step, and I look forward to making sure that our local plants and workers have a place as leaders in this global step preparing the industry for the future.

“I am excited to work with the governor to repeal the pension tax in the district.

“Our highways and road systems are one of the most critical components of our state’s infrastructure. No one should have to worry about getting to work or school in one piece. Fixing our roads helps everyone and prepares our state for the future. I’m looking forward to more investment in Genesee County roads and infrastructure.

“No one should have to ration their prescriptions or choose between putting food on the table and staying healthy. Lowering the cost of insulin and other critical prescription drugs will save more than money. It will save lives.

“We all deserve to breathe clean air. We all deserve to have safe, drinkable water. Acting now to shore up our failing infrastructure and fight climate change will have benefits today and far into the future for all our families. It’s just common sense.”




State Rep. John Cherry