LANSING – State Representative Theresa Abed (D-Grand Ledge) was in her district Thursday night to listen to how middle-class families have been impacted by tax increases and education cuts in Michigan. The event, held at the Delta Township Public Library is one of the House Democrats’ Listening Tour stops, in a series across the state. Joining Rep. Abed at the event were state House Democratic Leader Tim Greimel (D-Auburn Hills), and Reps. Tom Cochran (D-Mason), Andy Schor (D-Lansing) and Sam Singh (D-East Lansing).

“I hosted this event with my colleagues because it’s the priorities of our hard- working middle-class families, our kids and our senior citizens that matter most and need to be addressed by state government,” said Rep. Abed. “I thank all of the people who came to this event and shared their concerns with us. We will take their thoughts and ideas back to the state Capitol and fight to make Michigan work better for these citizens who have been hurt by Republican policies that favor their corporate friends.”

Gov. Rick Snyder claimed Michigan is on the right track when he gave his State of the State address earlier this year. Following that the House Republicans offered an “Action Plan” that tries to convince citizens that Republicans are addressing the challenges facing middle class families in Michigan.

In response, House Democrats announced they would be conducting town hall-style events where average working Michiganders could express how two years of misguided policies have hurt them. Taxes on seniors and families have increased, school funding has seen a massive disinvestment, unemployment remains stubbornly high and women are being denied access to legal health care.

“The only action Republicans have taken so far is to offer proposals that will create greater hardship and cost more money for middle-class families,” said Rep. Cochran. “We want to take these stories back to Lansing and fight for proposals that will help these people who have already been hit too hard with tax increases and program cuts.”

For the last two years, Gov. Rick Snyder and the House Republicans have ignored the priorities of Michiganders while enacting laws that are out of touch with middle-class families.

“It is important for us to hear the opinions of the people of the greater Lansing area. The Governor has painted a rosy picture of Michigan, but we are hearing from the people that this just isn’t accurate,” said Rep. Schor. We are hearing that workers and their families are facing higher taxes as a result of the actions of the Governor and majority Republicans over the last two years. We need to reverse the governor’s policies and invest in our communities and our workers, so that we create jobs and a better standard of living for our workers and their families.”

“This administration and legislative Republicans have ignored the needs of middle-class families, senior citizens and students for too long by passing harmful legislation and enacting new policies,” said Rep. Singh. “My colleagues and I will put these people first and take the concerns and ideas we heard tonight and use them to fight for better services for families and seniors, and support for our schools so that our students are prepared for college and 21st century jobs.”