The Clean Energy and Jobs Act will allow for more large-scale renewable energy projects in Michigan, so that new clean energy standards can be met. In order for Michigan to reach its renewable energy goals, this package was designed to streamline the approval process for building large-scale renewable energy projects. Growing energy right here at home and making Michigan energy independent will also create union jobs for hardworking Michiganders.

  • House Bills 5120, Public Act 233: Creates a statewide process to permit solar, wind and battery projects in the state.
  • House Bill 5121, Public Act 234: Amends the Michigan Zoning Enabling Act to subject zoning ordinances to the Clean and Renewable Energy and Waste Reduction Act in House Bill 5120.

The Clean Energy Future package requires utilities to generate 60% of their electricity from renewable sources and 80% from carbon-free sources by 2035. By 2040, the clean energy standard rises to 100%. The bills increase energy efficiency standards and specifically direct programs to include low-income and other underserved communities. 

  • Senate Bill 271, Public Act 235: Requires electric providers to establish 100% clean energy portfolio by 2040.
  • Senate Bill 273, Public Act 229: Creates and outlines requirements for energy waste reduction plans for utilities. 
  • Senate Bill 277, Public Act 230: Allows farmers to rent land solar operations while maintaining preservation of farmland by suspending and extending agreements for an equivalent number of years for properties enrolled in the agricultural conservation easement program.
  • Senate Bill 519, Public Act 232: Establishes the Community and Worker Economic Transition Office in the Department of Labor and Economic Development.