LANSING — State Rep. Cara Clemente (D-Lincoln Park) introduced House Resolution 295 today, marking April 2018 as Volunteer Month in Michigan. The House adopted the resolution by voice vote.

“We all know someone who gives generous amounts of their free time to volunteer, and we also know that our communities would be in a sorry state without the kindness and selfless acts of volunteers,” said Clemente. “By designating April as Volunteer Month in Michigan, we can celebrate the many contributions people make to our state, and in doing so we can encourage others to also volunteer their time to make their communities even better.”

Michigan has worked through challenging economic times that require people to come together in aiding and supporting those in need. This support has been instrumental in Michigan’s economic revival, and also models civility and decency toward others that we can all learn and emulate.

 “The importance of volunteering goes beyond the initial act, and extends throughout the community, showing that kindness can spread,” said Clemente. “Michigan citizens have a long history of community involvement that has touched countless lives over the years. Recognizing volunteering with a special month will encourage those who volunteer to continue doing so, and draw even more people into the ranks of volunteers.”