LANSING — Yesterday, the Michigan House of Representatives passed House Resolution 395, introduced by state Rep. Cara Clemente (D-Lincoln Park), to establish the week of September 22- September 29th 2018, as French-Canadian Heritage Week.

“I am honored to commemorate this week as French-Canadian Heritage Week,” said Rep. Clemente. “French-Canadians in Quebec and throughout Canada have a rich cultural heritage, and I am happy to say that the relationship between Canadians and Michiganders is strong.”

The Quebec province is home to the largest population of French-Canadians in Canada. French-Canadian traditions, like hunting and fishing, are shared by many Michigan residents.  In addition, Michigan owes the names of many of its cities and first industries to the common history and heritage shared with its northern neighbors French-Canadian neighbors, including Detroit and Marquette.

“We share a common and robust history with Michigan that is still thriving through our continued and strong friendship,” said Jean-François Hould, the Quebec Government Representative for the Midwest. “I look forward to building on that bond in the weeks and years to come.”