LANSING — State Rep. Cara Clemente (D-Lincoln Park) introduced House Resolution 198 today marking November 2017 as American Indian Heritage Month in Michigan. The House adopted the resolution by voice vote.

“The very name of our state comes from the Algonquin word meaning ‘big lake,’” Clemente said. “It is only right that we recognize and take pride in our cultural diversity and honor American Indians in Michigan for their contributions to our state.”

Clemente herself is a member of the Wyandot of Anderdon Nation. She invited her own Grand Chief Ted Roll and Second Chief D’Arcy Tammaro to celebrate the passage of the resolution.

“American Indians have had a difficult and complex relationship, first with European settlers, and then the American government, but they have fought to keep their culture alive,” Clemente said. “I’m proud that my colleagues joined me today to honor and celebrate their rich heritage.”