Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Over the weekend I began experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. Yesterday, I took an at home test which came back positive. A PCR test has also confirmed a positive result for COVID-19.

I am vaccinated and boosted, and believe that a few days into my symptoms I am through the worst of it.

As someone who routinely wears a mask, and has taken great precaution to avoid COVID-19 this goes to show that even two years into this pandemic we must remain vigilant.

The CDC guidelines at this time require that I isolate for five days, and wear a mask for another five when in proximity of others and when social distancing is not possible.

With all this said, my office will be canceling all meetings, visits and appearances, including my scheduled coffee hour for this evening, May 2. I will be isolating per CDC guidelines.

My staff will continue working during this time and can be best reached by email at