LANSING, Mich. March 9, 2023 — The federal bipartisan infrastructure law granted $1 billion in airport funding awards to 99 airports around the U.S. These funds provide necessary investments to meet the increasing travel demands around the country and may be allocated to be used in a variety of capacities, including to help get travelers in and out of airports more quickly; improve the passenger experience by investing in new baggage systems; create larger security checkpoints; improve ground transportation; help increase terminal sustainability; grant greater accessibility for individuals with disabilities; or address the needs of aging air traffic control towers.

Cherry Capital Airport (TVC) will receive $5.23 million under this law, and state Rep. Betsy Coffia (D-Traverse City) issued the following statement in response to this news:

“I am thrilled to see the Cherry Capital Airport receive investments that will benefit the people of our region. Our airport is a critical hub for travel in and out of northern Michigan. This opportunity improves airport infrastructure and service — it is a step in the right direction for funding rural communities, like ours, more equitably. I am grateful our district received these funds, and I am excited to see these positive changes implemented.”