LANSING — State Rep. Kevin Coleman (D-Westland) introduced House Bill 4180 which would provide a tax credit for small businesses to hire new employees that have been out of work for 60 days or more. The tax credit works to tackle unemployment by incentivizing businesses to seek workers who have been unsuccessful in long-term job hunts.

“For many who are unemployed the longer they go without being able to find work, the harder it can be to get those callbacks or interviews,” Coleman said. “For an employer, there can sometimes be an unintentional bias or assumptions made when they see a resume with an employment gap on it, but when someone is actively committed to finding a job, we should be providing resources to help them in that process. Every hardworking Michigander deserves the financial security that comes with earning a strong paycheck, and my legislation works to put that financial security within reach for businesses and potential employees alike.” 

The bill’s tax credit for qualified small businesses is equal to 20 percent of the worker’s compensation or $3,000 dollars, whichever is less. In order to qualify the worker must certify that they have been unemployed or lacking full-time employment for at least a 60 day period immediately preceding being hired.