LANSING, Mich., April 7, 2020 — State Reps. Kevin Coleman (D-Westland) and Jewell Jones (D-Inkster) are calling for more data on COVID-19 cases to be publicly released. Information on the number of daily hospitalizations, case severity, and available resources, including number of beds and personal protective equipment, is necessary for local governments to provide the necessary resources to combat this public health crisis. Hospitals and health care systems need to share their data with the state and counties to ensure local governments and residents fully understand our current situation.

“County governments and the state must release daily updates on important statistical data including the number of severe versus mild cases and hospitalizations,” said Coleman. “Our cities and townships cannot plan adequate responses without understanding the exact scope and scale they are facing tomorrow.”

Michigan’s response to this crisis has been nimble, but everyone has struggled to fully utilize their resources without an accurate picture of the entire situation.

“Although there’s no way to know all the answers, information that we can quantify and share would help a great deal,” said Jones. “Having the facts and being able to place ourselves in the best position to combat this crisis will ensure our speedy transition back to a more normal life while discouraging fear and panic at the same time.”