LANSING — The House Committee on Local Government took testimony today on House Bill 4573, introduced by state Rep. Tim Sneller (D-Burton), which would allow townships to establish a special assessment ordinance for mosquito abatement. The bill is a response to the mosquito problem that Mundy Township has experienced for years. Recently, it has begun to address the issue by spraying throughout the township, which cost $150,000 in its first year alone. 

“I am grateful to the chair of the Local Government Committee for allowing testimony to be taken on this bill, as it addresses a critical issue that many townships across Michigan face,” Sneller said. “This bill will simply update the law to allow townships to manage the cost of this important public service in order to control the mosquito population and increase health and safety in the community.”

This bill would authorize townships to initiate a special assessment district by resolution, in addition to a petition of at least 25 percent of landowners in the special assessment district, to include the mosquito abatement special assessment on an upcoming ballot for a vote.

“We have seen in recent years how necessary it is to take precautions to prevent the spread of mosquito-borne illnesses, like the Zika virus, and this bill will allow townships to be better equipped to afford such preparations,” Sneller said. “I appreciate those who came to testify to the importance of this bill, and I am hopeful that the bill will be voted out of committee soon so that my colleagues can take it up on the House floor.”