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It is an honor to represent the residents of the 69th House District in Genesee County. The purpose of this e-newsletter is to keep you updated on my work in Lansing and around our community.

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Recently Passed Legislation for “Right-to-Work,” Prevailing Wage and Firearms

As your state representative, it is one of my priorities to ensure that Michigan workers are properly supported. Michigan’s so-called “right-to-work” law was one of the most extreme in the country.

Although Michigan workers weren’t required to pay union dues, unions were still required to represent, defend and, in many cases, provide workers with benefits. As a result, unions had to do the same amount of work with fewer resources.

On March 8, I voted YES on House Bill 4004 to repeal the state’s “right-to-work” laws, helping it to pass the Michigan House. On March 23, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed this bill into law.

Additionally, the House passed a prevailing wage law to ensure fair pay for workers within our state. It ensures workers receive the same wage for the same category of work within a geographical location. I was a proud co-sponsor and voted YES on this bill, and the governor also signed this legislation into law.

Finally, in the wake of the gun violence our state has seen both in the city of Oxford and at my alma mater, Michigan State University, Democrats made a promise that we would not sit idly by but rather act to institute commonsense firearm reforms for the state of Michigan. The first steps for this were taken with the passage of House Bill 4138, which requires background checks for the purchase of all firearms. House Bill 4144 also passed the House, and this bill creates penalties for incorrectly storing or leaving out a firearm where it could be accessed by a minor. I was a proud co-sponsor and voted YES on these two bills as well. For too long, our state has neglected passing gun safety legislation at the expense of losing multiple young lives. During this historic time, we finally have an opportunity to address this problem that has gotten so out of control. The time for action is now.


March is Reading Month

Martus-3-29-2023 1
Martus-3-29-2023 2

March is Reading Month, and I have had the privilege to read to a few third grade classes in our district, including Dailey Elementary in Beecher and Edgerton Elementary in Clio. I was happy to answer questions ranging from my favorite superhero to what it’s like to be a state representative. It is so important to forge a connection with our country’s next leaders. The most important piece of advice I wanted them to remember was to read whatever you can, whenever you can.

Mt. Morris Coffee Hour

Maetus 3
Martus coffee Hour 4

Our second coffee hour was a success with numerous participants! Topics included repealing the retirement tax, rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, and how to create more good-paying jobs in Genesee County. We will continue to host coffee hours and town halls so that I can hear from folks about what is on their minds and how we can help. Special thank you to Mt. Morris Krapohl Senior Center for hosting us. Additionally, I want to thank my staffers Ashley Christian and Peyton Klochack, as this would not be possible without them.

Beecher Basketball

A big congratulations to the Beecher boys’ basketball team on winning their 10th state championship this weekend. The community is beyond proud of this accomplishment.


Coffee Hour 

Please join me on April 17 for my monthly coffee hour! Coffee hours are a great way to ask questions, voice concerns and receive updates on the latest news in Lansing and our district. The upcoming coffee hour will be held from 2-3 p.m. at the Flint Township McCarty Library (2071 S. Graham Road, Flint, MI 48532).

It is important to our office that community members and neighbors are always able to share their thoughts and concerns with me, so we hope to see you there! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out by email at or by phone at (517) 373-1786.

We have also scheduled out other future coffee hours:

  • Monday, May 15, at 2 p.m. at the Flint Township Senior Center (2071 S. Graham Road, Flint, MI 48532).
  • Friday, June 16, at 10 a.m. at the Swartz Creek Senior Center (8095 Civic Drive #2, Swartz Creek, MI 48473).


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