Dear Neighbor,

I am honored to serve as state representative for the 29th House District and am proud to be a strong advocate in Lansing for the residents and families of our community. As we all know, our area was hit by a severe storm which caused the power to go out for an abnormally long and unacceptable period of time. The Department of Insurance and Financial Services (DIFS) provided my office with several helpful resources. Please encourage your friends and family to reach out to my office with any questions they have or assistance they are in need of.

Below are hyperlinked resources from the DIFS website that you may find helpful when working with insurance companies to file a claim and repair damages. DIFS can help answer questions regarding what an insurer must do and help explain policy language.

Additional information regarding disaster preparedness, as well as how to file a complaint against an insurance company with DIFS, is available on the DIFS website at under the “Consumer” link. Resources related to the recent storm can also be found on the DIFS website under “Disaster Preparedness.”

Severe Storm Resources:

Please feel free to contact the Office of Consumer Services toll free at (877) 999-6442 with any questions you may have.


Brenda Carter

State Representative, 29th House District